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Interracial Dating: Does Race Matter?

Dating within your own race can be fun, and it can be comforting to be mostly surrounded by the familiar. But when you take a step back and think about how many races there are, and how much fun you might be missing out on, you might notice that dating Black singles, Asian singles, Hispanic singles, or just singles of a different religion can be more than just great.

Cultural Identity and Being More Open

One of the classic, very unfortunate misunderstandings that the races have had amongst themselves for far too long is that having a certain skin color automatically makes you one type of person. The same personality types apply to every phenotype, and to wherever your ancestors happen to have been from.

Cultural identity does play a certain amount of role in life in general, but not as much as too many people think. Just because a person is from a particular part of town, or because they look a certain way, does not mean they are not the kind of person you would enjoy dating. In a lot of cases, they may be searching their own race to find someone like you and coming up short.

Doing the same kinds of activities with the same kinds of people will tend to make life boring. For far too many people, this is the reality in which they live, and it is also the reality in which they date. What point does it serve to date the same people in the same way, and try to expect different results than what they have already gotten?

Does Race Even Matter?

No matter what anyone ever tells you, race is always going to matter to some extent. However, the amount that it matters can vary considerably, depending on how you live your life. You may even find out some things about your family and friends that you never would have considered before.

Race is going to mean different things to different people. As well, terminology and expectations can vary a lot, based on where the other person is from. This can lead to misunderstanding, but it can also lead to learning that much more about what you have in common. Is that not what dating is all about?

Over time, there is a good chance that you and someone you date are going to want to get into a relationship. Relationship expectations are always something that should be discussed before you take a step into being more serious. The main difference when you are with someone of a different race is that you know there are going to be different initial expectations.

When it Works Out

When you are open to the possibilities, in time your dating is going to work out. When it does, you will look back and remember how good an idea it was to be open to everyone, instead of just a smaller portion of the population. There are so many people, many of whom are great to date, that limiting yourself just seems silly.