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5 Ways on how to Make Your Bathroom Renovation cheap but look luxurious

While we all drool over images of gorgeous designer bathrooms, not all of us have the budget to finance extravagant projects like that when it comes to revamping our own bathrooms. You don’t have to do a completely expensive makeover to make your room feel luxurious. That isn’t to suggest the remodel has to be dull and uninspired. There are many options for achieving a high-end bathroom renovation without breaking the bank. Here are 5 suggestions to help you do just that – 

1. Reflection

Mirrored cabinetry gives a small space an elegant, polished look. It’s useful for storing everyday necessities, but it’s also good for reflecting light around and providing a sense of openness. A full-length mirror can also be installed on the back of the bathroom door or next to a floating vanity. A wall-to-ceiling mirror not only adds light but also makes this sleek bathroom seem twice as large. Placing mirrors at right angles to one another would also allow you to see yourself from any viewpoint. For grooming and applying make-up, use bright lighting in the mirror, but attach a dimmer switch to the main light so you can create a mellow feel when bathing.

2. Subway tiles

Some people find subway tiles to be unappealing. However, subway tiles in 2021 are different because they will differ from their normal size. These tiles are also available in a broader variety of colours, bigger sizes, and designs in contemporary styles. Soft pastel colours will bring energy to the bathroom without overpowering it, as well as a natural appearance that will appeal to those who are tired of the monotony of porcelain designs. Glass subway tiles reflect light, making a small bathroom seem bigger. Let plumbing fixtures and storage spaces be plain and clean-lined, and finish the look with fresh greenery and simple accessories for a minimalist and contemporary feel. The rectangular subway tile shape is ideal for small bathrooms because it makes them look larger. Getting a new bathroom will significantly improve the aesthetics of your home and increase its value.

3. Paint it green

Mint green in the bathroom is a brilliant choice for creating a comfortable, peaceful, and welcoming environment symbolic of a tropical oasis. This pastel shade is light and airy, and it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space. The colour varies between sharp mint green and fuzzy seafoam green depending on the sun. Turn to nature for inspiration and put beautiful sage shades indoors. Green-infused greys will feel like a breath of fresh air that will bring just the right amount of mystery. Begin with a mint green pastel palette on the wall and accessories and decorate the room with subdued accessories such as bath rugs, towels, and bath fixtures. Wondering how much bathroom renovation costs? Get quotes from licensed and insured professionals for a job well done.

4. Pick a statement piece

Bathrooms are more than just simple spaces, and the lighting you choose should reflect that. Consider positioning the lights to draw attention to a focal point, such as this beautiful stone. Have you had a lovely marble sink in your bathroom? Complement it with a pair of antique shaded wall lamps. Traditional colour and form options for glass or stained-glass light fixtures are no longer needed. Look for one-of-a-kind geometric patterns, such as stars, that will stand out in your bathroom by complementing or contrasting with the existing decor. And if you have a large bathroom, the options for bathroom lighting are almost limitless. So, to make the most of the large room, invest in a statement chandelier.

5. Replace the old

Old shower panels,and shower curtains will reveal a bathroom’s age. A easy way to update the bathroom is to replace the shower mirror. There are several choices for shower windows, ranging from frameless to pivot, based on the shape and design of your bathroom. From frameless shower screens to pivot shower screens, there are many options depending on your bathroom layout and style. If you’re upgrading from a sliding door, check you have enough clearance to open the shower door. Changing your fittings might seem like a small change but it goes a long way in brightening up the space. When selecting new fittings, think about how they work with the rest of your bathroom features like the tiles, colour scheme etc. Silver tapware reflects the light nicely and can add a contemporary, high-end finish, while coloured tapware is another popular choice.

Why Consider Hiring A Bathroom Designer?

While you can design your bathroom yourself, it pays off to hire an expert designer to maximize the space, functionality, and overall look. But is it worth it?  

Bathroom designers can help plan the layout, fixtures, and decorative elements of bathroom spaces. They’re highly knowledgeable about different bathroom themes. Whether you want a modern coastal or an elegant classic bathroom style, a professional designer can provide expert recommendations that you might want to consider.  

For instance, a bathroom designer can explain the different flooring or vanity options for your preferred bathroom style. Many bathroom designers know the best brands, types, and sources of fixtures and other construction and design materials. A professional designer can recommend the best ones that suit your budget.  

They can also help you achieve the look and functionality you want for your bathroom. You might need to include assistive devices, like grab bars and safety features in your bathroom if you have an elderly family member.  

But how do you choose a bathroom designer for your renovation project? Check the portfolio of your prospective designer, such as before and after photos of previous projects. Hire one from a reputable architectural firm to ensure excellent service and quality of work.

Inspired already? Are you wondering who can get all this done? Don’t worry we can help you with that too. Get 3 no-obligation bathroom renovation quotes and show off your amazing space to your friends and family.