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Things to Consider to Stand Out as a Professional Blue Collar Worker

A professional blue-collar worker is one whose job requires him to perform manual labour. Blue-collar workers are employed in oil rigs, manufacturing and construction companies, logging, waste disposal, maintenance, custodial services, fishing, and other industries that require manual work.

These workers get paid hourly or according to the job they perform. Some companies also pay them on an annual basis. Blue-collar workers carry certain skills but aren’t educated enough. In most cases, these workers don’t study beyond the high school level. This article looks at certain traits of these workers. If you are an employer, this list should help you in recruiting the right worker for your company.


As an employer, you should look at specific skill sets while employing a worker. For example, a blue-collar worker who has worked in a car manufacturing firm may not have the skills needed in a cement making company. Of course, you can re-skill your potential employee, but you will also have to look at the time needed for that exercise.


Does the potential candidate have the required discipline to accomplish his task? Here, discipline doesn’t necessarily mean starting one’s job according to the schedule. Discipline could also mean prioritizing the job, and knowing which job is needed to be done first. A blue-collar worker should also change his priority, given the urgency of the job. By all means, this needs to be done with the consent of his supervisor.


Professional blue-collar workers are very particular about safety. They wear the right gear and always adhere to safety protocols. Let’s look at the protective gear of a professional blue-collar worker.

  • Shoes: Their shoes are made of rubber or other high-quality material. These shoes prevent workers from slipping and skidding and stop objects from hitting the toe. High-quality shoes also prevent electric shock-related injuries.
  • Helmets: Every professional blue-collar worker always wears good quality helmets. These helmets are properly strapped to the chin and cover the skull completely. Made of superior quality material, these workplace helmets meet all the standards of the regulatory authorities.
  • Gloves: Get your workers some high-quality gloves for safety and efficiency. Rubber gloves keep workers safe from shock-induced injuries. If your workers work in high-temperature zones, their gloves should be heat resistant.
  • Safety Masks and Visors: These devices keep your workers safe from poisonous fumes, sparks, and other harmful substances.

Getting all these safety devices is quite easy. You can get them from companies such as FXD workwear at affordable prices.

  1. All these safety devices can only protect you only if you are aware of your surroundings. We would advise every worker to be aware of the hazards in his workplace. Unfortunately, many workers become too complacent in their workplaces after they have mastered their jobs. Don’t put danger out of your head even once while you are working.
  2. A professional blue-collar worker also knows the value of rest. He knows when to take a break after putting in long hours of work. If you don’t recharge your physical and mental batteries, you are likely to harm yourself. Take a break of a minimum of one hour to refresh yourself.
  3. Finally, as a professional worker, you must know everything about your workplace policies. This means opening and closing hours of your shift, your total working hours, and so on. If you have questions, put them up before your supervisor. You can also read up Australian workplace security guidelines on the internet.

To sum up, every Australian professional blue-collar worker should be aware of his work environment, safety procedures, and policies.