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5 Basic Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Tire Road Worthy

Your tires are some of the most important parts of your vehicle that are inspected during the roadworthy certification process. Tires should have appropriate tread to ensure safety for your vehicle when on the road. For this reason, it is important to ensure your tires are the best they can be with proper maintenance and considerations.

There are tips to ensure your tires remain the best they can be. These tips involve monitoring the condition, having the right size and making great purchase decisions. Continue reading below for five basic maintenance tips for keeping your tires road worthy for your next inspection.

1. Only Buy New

Buying new tires will assist you in having the best tires at each certification appointment. Buying used tires may be good if you are in a pinch, but these often already have some tread wear on them. Buying new will also give you the opportunity to be the only one to put tread on your tires.

Buying new tires also offers you the opportunity for a warranty. If something goes wrong with your tires, you can replace them or repair them quickly with the warranty. This will keep them roadworthy year round.

2. Buy the Right Size

It is okay to get an inexpensive branded tire so long as you take care of it. What is not okay is buying an inexpensive tire that is not the right size. Always check the sticker on your vehicle for the right tire size, or ask the tire professionals.

Having the wrong size tires on your vehicle can affect brakes, steering systems and even dashboard readings. It is important to keep every system prime when preparing for your road worthy inspection. Make sure all tires are the right size, and you will be ready.

3. Monitor Tire Pressure

Tire pressure affects how well your tires perform as well as how safe your tires are. Check your tire pressure at least once a week and before and after any road trips. Finally, be sure to check it when there are fluctuations in the weather as temperatures can either inflate or deflate your tires.

Unscrew the cap from the valve stem, and simply place the tire gauge over the valve. Look for the reading that is the recommended pressure for your vehicle. Remove excess air or inflate air into your tires if the pressure is low.

4. Inspect Tread

Inspecting tread can be done by utilizing a coin. Insert a coin between tread lines to check for depth. If the coin is barely covered, you need to replace your tires quickly to ensure you are back in safe driving conditions.

Tires can last ten years, but try to check your tread at least once every few months. This will help you to prevent unexpected emergencies. It will also assist you in being fully prepared for your roadworthy certification inspection when the time comes for you to get it.

5. Inspect for Punctures

it is possible that there could be punctures in your tires without you knowing it. These damages would be extremely minor such as a very small nail in your tires, for instance. You could also be slowly losing air due to a tiny hole and not know it.

It is important to repair any punctures as soon as possible in order to ensure your safety and prevent a flat tire. Consider replacing the tire if you feel as if the patch will not provide efficient repair. Contact a tire repair shop to assist you in fixing these punctures.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your tires road ready will assist you when it is time for the road worthy inspection. It is important to always inspect for damage or wear, and be ready to make repairs when necessary. Keep tires at their ultimate functionality by buying new, monitoring tire pressure and buying the right size tires.

When you are ready for your road worthy inspection, contact a great Brisbane Mobile RWC Company such as ASAP RoadWorthys. They will provide honest and professional information about your tires during inspection. They will be able to determine any repairs or replacements that need to be made as well.

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