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7 Ways to Become a Better Mystery Shopper

In most cases, traditional business strategies don’t work as effectively as newer methods. Take marketing for example. Digital marketing strategies have proven time and time again to be more cost-effective, efficient, and easier to implement than virtually any other traditional marketing method. However, in the case of the mystery shopper method, this is one traditional business strategy that still works as effectively as ever. As for what it is exactly, this method is a form of market research in which a business can measure themselves. This can be done either externally or from within a business itself.

Overall, the idea behind this method is to measure factors such as quality of service, guideline compliance, or anything else along those lines that might be helpful for a business to measure. Having discussed the benefits that a business has from using this method, the reality of the situation is that there are many benefits for the shopper as well. Given how in-demand this strategy is, this method has proven to be a lucrative side hustle that just about anyone can do. So, if you are looking for a way to increase your chances of success with this method, here are seven ways to become a better mystery shopper.

#1: Take Pre & Post-Shopping Notes

Taking pre and post-shopping notes is always a good idea. Apart from allowing you to efficiently navigate your requirements, doing so allows you to measure your performance even if it’s on a small scale. Eventually, the more you practice this habit, you will create a note style that allows you to work as efficiently as possible. Not to mention, this can save you some time that you can add to do more jobs.

#2: Centralize Your Mystery Shopping Processes In One Location

The most productive mystery shoppers are known for being highly organized with their processes. This benefits them in ways that increase their value to a business. As for how to do that exactly, it mostly comes through centralizing your shopping processes in one location. If you can set aside a dedicated space to do this method, it will organize your processes at every step.

#3: Create Deadlines For Yourself

Apart from being highly organized, another indicator of a productive mystery shopper is one that can work under pressure. However, this also requires finding a balance between working under pressure and taking on too much work than you can handle. That being said, a good way around this is to create deadlines for yourself. This will allow you to set a daily goal to hit while also allowing you to work at your own pace.

#4: Make Sure To Provide Relevant Feedback

One of the main components of being a successful mystery shopper is providing feedback. Feedback is critical to the whole process as businesses rely on it to make necessary adjustments to improve. However, keep in mind that the feedback you provide has to be relevant to what they are asking of you. Anything other than that is useless and diminishes your value as a mystery shopper.

#5: Stick To Shopping In Niches You Are Familiar With

Another thing to keep in mind is to stay within your comfort zone. More specifically, stick to shopping in niches you are familiar with so you don’t give useless feedback. While it is not necessarily a bad thing to try out how another niche might be like working in, until you build enough experience, stick to what you know so you can increase your value in the meantime.

#6: Don’t Do Anything Outside Of Set Guidelines

Stepping outside of any guidelines or rules that an assignment has in place is another important factor to keep in mind. This is one of the main qualities that allow retail audit services to sustain success. Nonetheless, if you try to find a way around any instructions set for you, you might find yourself in an unrecoverable position that hurts both you and the assigner.

#7: Don’t take on More Jobs Than You Can Handle

Having mentioned the importance of finding a balance in the number of assignments you take on, this factor is important enough to deserve its dedicated recognition. As far as finding how many assignments is your limit, that mostly comes through trial and error. Experience is arguably the number one way to become a valuable mystery shopper.