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All You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Car

Choosing to buy a new car can often turn out to be a daunting experience for a simple reason that there are so many models in the market to choose from that offer different features. It is important that you are well informed about the choices that you are sure to go for and if that choice is an electric car, it is all the more necessary to conduct a fair share of research. While electric cars have been available for many years, many avoid buying them for lack of information as well as for concerns regarding their maintenance as well as performance. Let’s delve into acquainting you with the various aspects of an electric car.

How they came about

It is of foremost importance that you are made aware that electric cars first came to notice during the last decade of the twentieth century when gas prices were increasingly unstable, inclining more towards the higher side. It also gained popularity among those that were concerned with environmental conservation looking to lessen air pollution. Since then, most major automobile companies have come up with their own design of electric cars wherein they have devoted attention to strengthening battery technology at play in such cars as also their infrastructure.

Battery electric vehicles

Before buying an electric car, while it is necessary that you find out which of Kotak’s car insurance policy and packages have a focus on electric cars, it is also important that you know that there are two different types of electric cars available in the market today. The first type of electric car is the battery electric vehicle, which runs solely on battery power and has no presence of engines for gasoline combustion within its design. However, since run on battery, there are certain limitations attached to it. For instance, even the most developed models require optimum charging after covering a distance of about hundred to hundred and forty kilometers. These cars are charged using regular power outlets and require about half an hour’s time to be sufficiently charged.

Hybrid electric vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles have come into being to combat the limitations of the battery electric vehicles for they come with both an electric power train and a combustion engine. The hybrid technology within such cars allows the battery to get charged using the combustion engine even while you are on the move. Such a technology allows drivers to drive down long distances without having to stop for charging. Certain variants of these models allow the car to be charged using an external source of power as well. While they are in need of gasoline, such vehicles still make a huge difference on fuel economy as a result of being driven principally by battery.

What market trends say

Most trends point to the fact that the electric cars will have increased market shares in coming years and in keeping with such studies, car insurance policy providers such as Kotak General Insurance has come up with unique online car insurance calculator as well as offline ones, devoted to electric cars alone. It must be understood that the boom can be observed even among automobile companies, wherein all of them have an electric version of their most popular car models. Living in an era of digital revolution, most electric car enthusiasts are switching to online or digital automotive marketplaces to be able to find just the car they want!