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High Times: 5 Cannabis Trends to Watch out for in 2020

Do you want to keep yourself updated in the cannabis industry?

The cannabis industry faced a slight drawback in the market in the last year. They’ve received some recent fortunes this year, though, as stocks stabilize and new products are on the shelves. This can be enough to start the rise of cannabis in the market again.

Once this happens, it will mean an explosion of new products and trends. Keeping up would be tough if you don’t follow the right people and brands.

To help you keep up with the latest cannabis trends, we’ve put together a list of popular crazes in the market. Read on to learn about the most awaited trends in the cannabis market.

1. Microdosing Is More Popular

Microdosing is already something of a trend today. This is when people take in a small dose of their CBD products to feel their effects. The only reason this works is that there are products that are too strong for a big dose.

This only worked before with certain CBD products. It included raw CBD oil coming straight from extraction. They lost some strength during the processing period of these products.

This meant that it was hard to get strong effects from a small dose. You often had to know someone to get natural and unprocessed products. However, there are stronger products in the market nowadays.

This is because manufacturers figured out how to become more efficient in extracting the oil from cannabis with the help of the latest technologies. It means that there are stronger products in the market than before.

This allows for easier microdosing. It’s a blessing for people who can’t afford CBD products on the regular. They can get a small vial of concentrated CBD oil, instead, and ration it to their needs.

It also opens up for a wider audience base. It is the perfect way for fitness enthusiasts to incorporate CBD into their system.

2. Cannabis-Infused Dinners

Among the most popular cannabis trends are the cannabis-infused dinners. It’s an exciting prospect because most cannabis products have been snacks and cosmetic items. The company behind this is the Lowell Herb Co., with chef Marc Marrone as the person behind the delicious dinners.

The idea they announced was a THC-infused restaurant with a four-course meal. You can eat here by ordering tickets ahead of time. The menu will be random, but you can assure that they will have cannabis in them.

Dinner in their restaurant will have a rustic outdoor backdrop as the aesthetic. It’s also right next to the only legal dispensary in Las Vegas. This ensures that they will have cannabis no matter what.

The chef’s goal with the project is to make the dinner an experience to remember. The flavorful food and amazing ambiance will ensure this will be the case for you and your party.

3. Better and More Diverse Consumables and Products

Most cannabis products were simple edibles before. These worked well, but people are always craving for something new and trendy. This prompts most manufacturers to become creative with their edibles.

The results show in the market today. Edibles are more diverse and creative than ever before. Pastry chefs are also getting in on the action and are creating CBD-infused cupcakes.

Some companies also incorporate CBD into other products. Most of the products they’re incorporating CBD with are snackable goods and condiments. Peanut butter, jelly, and even biscuits will have CBD in them soon enough.

Most experts still predict that traditional edibles will still be on top, though. Worry not, as more companies are looking for ways to improve these, too. One way to do this is by incorporating real fruits into the gummies, not artificial flavors.

Other cannabis products will also follow the same trend, too. People are coming up with more creative products to have a higher chance of selling their products. What’s great is that most of them can be great cannabis gifts, too.

4. Old-Fashioned Smoking Is Better

There have been many controversies surrounding the legalization and consumption of cannabis in most states. Most people think it’s a risk to your health and can even cause lung cancer among other ailments. The main reason for this is because of the way most people took cannabis.

Vaping was the most popular way to incorporate cannabis into your body before. This is because it’s quick and using the device was easy enough to understand. It also became a popular way to consume cannabis for the younger generation.

These devices were the main cause of the cannabis industry’s controversies. They were unsafe if overused. There are also dangers to using these devices, as they often exploded if the user was careless in handling them.

This leads the way for traditional smoking to be the best way to consume cannabis. There are even companies that are already manufacturing cannabis sticks. These look much like cigarette sticks but with a distinctive outer layer, resembling the cannabis plant.

This provides consumers with a more natural way to use cannabis. It’s a healthier alternative, as there are no chemicals mixed into the cannabis this way.

5. Masculine Cosmetic CBD Products

New products are looking at males to be their target audience. These include moisturizers, facial hair oil, and styling balm. What sets these products apart is that they contain CBD in them.

The Oregon-based company, Sweet Earth, incorporated CBD into their products. It’s a good idea seeing as most products on the market are prime products if you have CBD in them. What’s crazy about this is that it works well.

The scent it leaves is perfect for men who don’t want to smell too fragrant. It leaves a neutral but earthy scent instead. This makes it perfect for men to look their best without buying branded alternatives.

Stay Updated on the Latest Cannabis Trends Today

Cannabis is an ever-evolving industry. This makes it hard to keep yourself updated on the latest cannabis trends. Use our guide to keep yourself updated and to stay trendy today!

Want to look for more news about CBD? Continue discovering more content like this by going through all our other articles and guides!