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Tips to Decorate Your Home to Get Maximum Likes On Your Instagram Posts

After months of freezing gusts and snow, the warm sun rays are finally taking over. All doors and windows are now open to let fresh air in and alter the entire atmosphere. But embracing the change that comes with a new season could be a bit difficult. To give your cozy home a fresh feel, you have to come up with some home decor ideas to get the sense of springtime. 

Besides, you need something unique for your next Instagram post and the type of background that gets you more likes. The location or the surroundings in Instagram posts, videos, or even reel palsy are vital for grabbing maximum attention. To help your get started, here are some expert advice that might come in handy:

Brighten up your space

Winter often makes us all switch to dark colors and wrap ourselves in black and gray. And that happens with our houses too. With all windows closed and draperies down, we get used to living in a shell. But as soon as spring arrives, we allow natural light to brighten up our rooms. So if you want some change, repaint all of your rooms with light colors, or, better yet, shop for some accent lamps and lighting to sprinkle brightness in every room. This way, you will get the best pictures for your account where everything is clear and brighten up for your followers. 

Bring outdoor in

Blooming flowers spruce up space in a completely different way. You feel and smell the freshness in the air. So bring some flowers and plants inside to get the gist of the new season. Decorating a home with flora is not so difficult. Put small potted plants in every room. Think of adding beautiful centerpieces or fresh blooms in elegant vases to your place. It is the best way to beat your competitors using unique ideas and scenery for your followers. With such a view and a few IG impressions from, you will start trending in the reels in no time. 

Get cozy with throw pillows

No more snuggling under the blanket! It’s time to say goodbye to them and add throw pillows to their places. Give your home a fresh feel by decorating your couches and beds with plush throw pillows. Isn’t it a great way to make your living space look brand new with minimal effort? The only thing to remember is that throw pillow covers should match the accent of your decor; otherwise, they all will give an odd feeling. You may think those are not necessary but trust us, and people notice even when you are going to live from your bed.

Give your love to the walls

Do you know what the easiest way to change the look of a wall is? Add some of your beautiful memories to it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a collection of your favorite moments right in front of you all the time? Then, decorate the walls of your space with some photographs and quotes. 

You can think of buying exquisite home décor items like a rustic wall clock or an elegant wall plaque. It is crucial if you’re into making reels, as the wall will always be there, and due to COVID, we are stuck inside for a while, so it is necessary to give those walls an interesting look for your Instagram content. Bestwallclock have many designs for you, just visit the website.

Ditch your heavy sofa

A heavy sofa can eat up the space of your living room quickly. For that reason, if you have a tiny room, look for a loveseat or snuggler. It is also known as a 1.5 seater and can easily make room for a cuddly couple. In addition, you will get more space in your living room for the videos without making them look empty. 

Use mirrors to create space

It is one of the oldest tricks you must have read in books, but it does work. By putting more mirrors in your room, you could easily create the illusion of space. So, select an oversized mirror for the entire wall. It will help create the illusion of space as it will reflect the light and double the size of your interior space. Also, try to keep the color palette light.

Distract with statement pieces

Choose one or two statement pieces such as oversized table lamps, get your living room décor items online, and keep your room clutter-free. These things will help keep the room updated and draw attention to its size. 

Final thoughts

With the help of these tips, you can ensure that your videos or images on Instagram look nothing but perfect. In addition, once you start incorporating these pieces of advice, you will see how your Instagram profile will experience an increase in followers of likes on every single post or video.