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Making the Most of Your Small Space: Carving an Office from a Corner

Small spaces create unique issues. You have to be careful when decorating a small space. It’s all about balance. If you are not vigilant with your space it will become claustrophobic quickly. Add the stress of needing a home office and you have a potentially overwhelming situation developing.

Take a critical look at your space.

You know you need a home office area, but you are at a loss for where to put it. You have no extra bedroom or bonus space. Look carefully at your furniture placement. Is it possible that with a little effort you could find a corner to dedicate to a work area? Perhaps there is a slightly awkward area between a window and the wall where nothing seems to fit. With a little creative thinking that awkward space will soon become your home office.

Make smart furniture choices.

Rather than place a traditional desk in your corner office space you might consider a small table. A table can often be more versatile than a traditional desk. When not in use as your office, it could double as a game or breakfast table. Should you ever need to dismantle your office, a table often can be more easily repurposed than a desk. When choosing your work surface, thoughtfully consider the size of your area as well as exactly how you need to use the space. If you use a variety of supplies at one time, your surface needs to be large enough to accommodate that need while being small enough to fit into your tight area.

Choose storage options wisely.

Even though you have a small area, you will still require some means of storage. This is where utilizing vertical space may be a good option. Open shelving hung above your work are can become decorative as well as practical storage. What happens if you are limited in your ability to hang things on the wall? Perhaps a tall bookcase strategically placed can become your office storage solution. Creativity and imagination can lead you to unconventional and unique storage ideas.

Choose accessories that make sense.

Any office area requires a certain amount of accessorizing. Your accessories can be practical, decorative or both. This is where you add your decorative touches to your office area. If you have used open shelving for storage you might consider decorative bins to hold paperwork or supplies. If your work area is large enough you could choose to have things like pencil holders and staplers display right on your desk or table. Consider the things you use most often. Those items should be in easy reach, and they are the items that you can use to bring a little personality into your space.

Keep the clutter at a minimum.

In a small space clutter is your enemy. It is important to keep clutter to a minimum in your office area. This space is for work. A clean area tends to lead to more productivity. If you maintain an organized space you are more likely to want to use it.

Even in a small space it is possible to find an area to dedicate to a home office. Consider carving your work area from an unused corner. Use your imagination to create an unconventional space that is your own perfect work area.