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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Apartment Movers?

You are planning to move to another house but you don’t know how much it will cost to hire apartment movers for your move. This can make you really stressed if you do not know the cost and pricing of moving companies. This will also hamper you in your moving budget. You will not be able to make your moving budget nicely.

But don’t worry. Here is the solution to your problem. In this article, you will get to know about the cost of all types of movers.

Local Movers Cost

Local movers charge on the basis of hours of work done. The cost of a local mover is $40-50/hour. But this is not the exact cost. It varies from country to country.

You will cost $85-90/hour if you hire 2 movers and a truck. These charges again depend on days. Like on busy days they will charge you more.

If your old house was a 1 BHK apartment then you will likely have items of around 3500 pound which will cost you approx. $2500 for your 1000 miles of moving distance and similarly if you are from 2 BHK apartment and shifting to a new house then you will possibly be having items of around 5000-6000 pounds, which will cost you approximately $3500-4000 for your move.

Apart from the local movers’ cost, there are some extra fees which a moving company charges for its service. But again these charges depend upon your move location, the items you carry, your moving stops, etc. Below are some additional charges mentioned which one should know about before hiring a professional or local mover.

Bulky Items Charges

It includes heavy items like a piano, organs, pool table, etc. As they take a lot of space so moving companies charges you as per their size and the space occupied. Some companies charge a flat fee for moving piano and organs. It is essential that you inform companies about these type of goods so that they arrange their men and spacious truck in advance.

Long Carry Fee

This fee is usually charged if you do not have any parking space near your house and the movers have to cover the extra distance by walking to reach your house and then take your stuff to load in the truck.
To avoid this charge, try to reserve a parking space near your house before the movers arrive.

Cancellation Fees

This fee is charged if you cancel your move if you have already booked movers. It is equal to less than the deposit amount your mover has to book the move.

Storage Fees

This fee is charged when you request for delayed delivery of your goods. The company store the goods and charges you for this. It varies from company to company.

Disposal Fee

This fee is charged when you request your movers to unpack your goods and the company then dispose of your used boxes and additional packing materials.

Extra Stop Charge

This generally happens in a local move, when you pick up your goods from various locations. This causes movers to drive extra distance and also their extra time is spent on this task. So, the company charges extra stop charge from the customers


It is very necessary to know all the moving charges and fees the company applies to their moving services. Know the movers’ cost and then make your budget to avoid any last minute chaos. Always ask for moving price quotation so that you will get an idea of which service and what type of mover you will be needing for your move.