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Pedicure Chairs

How to Choose Between Different Types of Pedicure Chairs

A basic pedicure chair must have 3 main elements: a seat, a foot bowl and a footrest. However, these chairs can be a lot more sophisticated than this. Modern models feature integrated basins, a wide base for the chair which usually integrates some sort of motor, as well as massage systems embedded within the chair’s upholstery. There are dozens of pedicure thrones on the market, and finding the right one for your business can be very challenging. But don’t worry, as we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Piped-in Vs. Pipe-less chairs

These are the main types of pedicure chairs that you will find on the market. As the name suggests, piped-in chairs are fully plumbed to a building’s plumbing system. The problem with these chairs is that it is very hard to properly sanitize the pipes that run in and out of the chair, and it is nearly impossible to do this after each client. Without proper sanitization, those pipes can grow bacteria, not to mention the fact that they often harbor residue like dead skin and nail pieces. As such, these chairs can cause infections, and it only takes one such scenario to ruin the reputation of a good salon.

Pipe-less chairs, on the other hand don’t have an internal pipe system. They can be connected to a plumbing system, but they work based on jet systems, so the water that flows into the basin never flows back in other pipes, and it is completely drained after each customer. These chairs can be fully sanitized, and they pose no risk for infections. They can be connected to a drain, or they can be emptied using a portable drain pump.

Massage chairs – Are they worth the investment?

Massage chairs
Aside from the main classification presented above, you can also categorize pedicure thrones based on whether or not they feature integrated massage systems. As you can imagine, a massage chair will be more expensive. In fact, it can cost up about $1000 more than a regular chair. However, depending on your clientele, such a chair might be worth the investment. By providing an additional service within the pedicure process, you could charge more for your services. Even if you don’t charge more, such a chair can be a great way to attract more clients and to keep your old clients loyal. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a relaxing massage while having their nails done.

Features that make the difference

Aside from the characteristics presented above, pedicure chairs can also come with numerous additional features meant to make the pedicure experience more comfortable or to help your staff do their job easier.

  • Ergonomics – Features like a good padding, a reclining system, adjustable height and adjustable footrests and armrest can significantly increase a chair’s level of comfort. There are also some chairs that are designed specifically for taller or heavier clients.
  • Manufacturer – Ideally you should choose a local manufacturer, as American equipment tends to be of higher quality. Moreover, with a local manufacturer, you can easily find replacement parts, if you ever need them. We recommend the JA USA Pedicure Chairs because they are extremely durable and they abide by the highest quality standards. Moreover, they are pipe-less and they come with numerous modern features.
  • Convenience features – Cup holders, magazine racks, Bluetooth speakers and ports for smart devices are just a few of the features that could help your clients feel more comfortable while having their nails done.
  • Basin features – First of all, a good basin should be acetone proof, and it should have a quality finish that can resist harsh cleaning chemicals. For the client’s comfort, the basin can also feature heating elements, or a jet system that delivers a soothing foot massage.
  • Staff features – A technician’s stool, a manicure tray and a couple of supply drawers can be very useful, as they can help your staff do their job faster and more efficiently.

Design considerations

Last but not least, always remember that a beauty establishment should have a welcoming atmosphere. To avoid a cheap or an unprofessional look, try to choose your equipment around a main color or a main design theme. Modern pedicure thrones can come in a wide variety of designs, so you shouldn’t have any troubles finding one that suits your beauty establishment.