Monday, April 19, 2021

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From Soap Dispenser to Intelligent Shower: 5 Revolutions in a Bathroom

Technology not only stands for pioneering and up-scale fields but also connects closely to people’s daily life. Stepping into a new era, we have almost everything upgraded into automatic style, bringing convenience as well as refreshment. Even a little automatic soap dispenser could speak for this trend. Today, we are going to take a glance at the fantastic intelligent devices in the bathroom. Get ready to blow your mind.

Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

This kind of soap dispenser need not be pressed or touched to give out the soap. You could reach the sensing area under the nozzle, and the liquid can be automatically sensed out. Free of contact in the whole process, the hand washing process is becoming more environmentally-friendly and sanitary. Let’s make hand-washing a required course every day.

Smart Mirror

This high-tech mirror is equipped with a smart computer system, which can display personal information such as height, weight, etc. and also the weather. In addition, it is equipped with a 10W speaker, Wi-Fi, being waterproof and fog-proof. There could be programs set to teach you how to exercise. When you walk into the bathroom every morning, you can brush your teeth and make up, watch the news, subscribe to blog updates, micro-blog updates, etc. Could anything else be even cooler than that?

Smart Toilet Roll Hanging Rack

What are you going to do when toilet paper is used up? There is no need to worry about it now. There are infrared transmitters and sensors hidden in the base of the intelligent toilet paper holder. When the toilet paper is about to be used up, the sensors will sense the infrared rays emitted by the transmitters. At this time, there will be a red light flash on the tissue holder to remind people who have just used up the toilet to replenish the toilet paper in time.

Intelligent Bathtub

The most prominent feature of the smart bathtub is that you don’t have to wait for water pouring. You can start it through the Internet, smartphone, or a specific remote control near the bed of the bedroom. Then you can directly set the water temperature and water level you want. When you are worn out in a day, wanting to go home and take a hot bath, you can take out your mobile phone and get online to give it a command. Then everything would be prepared in advance.

Intelligent Shower

The intelligent shower system is equipped with a Bluetooth technology controller, which is convenient to operate the water outlet. And the outer ring knob can easily control the water flow. At the same time, the LED indicator on the outer ring can indicate the current water temperature through the change of light. The system can also remember the user’s preferred water temperature, which will be set directly in the next use. In addition, users can control the lighting, music, and steam mode in the shower room through mobile devices.

These amazing items are those hitting the market but definitely not all of the innovations. Since the latter few items might be a little bit too expensive and complicated to purchase or install. The automatic sanitizer soap dispenser is one you could own immediately. By the way, as for a recommendation, SVAVO has always been an expert in the intelligent bathroom manufacturing, and their new product Tabletop Automatic Soap Dispenser V-473 is said to bring brand-new user experience. Not only it could send out liquid free from touching, but the amount of liquid given out every time could be controlled and adjusted under three levels, making it more suitable for different family members.

If you are interested, the small gadget could be your first step to try on an intelligent bathroom. Never hesitate to give it a try.

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