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The Different Gradings of 1907 Indian Head Cent in Today’s Market

It is often said that coins are a curious thing. These coins have more than just monetary value. They carry in themselves a small part of history, whether told or untold, circulating among the unaware public. And many coin collectors spend their whole lives looking for these small bits of history in these coins. However, old coins are a little hard to collect and preserve. Learning how to identify the different coins, their age, condition, etc. is a tough job. However for beginners, the Indian Head Cents are a good start to take a step in the collector’s world. Indian Head Cents have been around since 1859 and hence have many varieties that differ in design color, composition, etc. Each of these cents are graded based on certain criteria. Let us take a look at the different gradings that categorize the 1907 Indian Head Cent today.


As the name suggests, an uncirculated 1907 penny is one that has not seen any circulation time. These pennies mostly retain all of their original texture and design. They may see a change in color or their luster might fade away due to the aging process. However, these pennies are still in pristine conditions and have great value.

Extremely Fine

Similar to the uncirculated cents, the extremely-fine Indian Head cents too did not see much circulation time during their period. However, they are not completely preserved like the uncirculated cents. They do have some markings, chipping, and scratches but they are very light and insignificant. But they have lost almost all of their luster due to the minimal circulation and aging process.


Coins given a fine grading show some signs of wear and tear. These coins are ones that have seen some circulation and a lot more aging than the previous two categories. They might show loss of the raised texture, faded luster, and some scratching and chipping of the surface. However, they still maintain their design and you can clearly make out the imagery clearly.


Among all the coins, the ones with the grading of good have seen the most circulating time. They are the ones most exposed to the people. As they have been exchanged from one person to another, they show the most signs of wear and tear. They sport a lot of scratching and chipping, worn out texture, and sometimes even bending.
For novice collectors, the Indian head pennies are a great way to kickstart their collections. These coins are affordable, easy to find, and having a great historical standing. However, its important to have some knowledge of their grading to identify them correctly.