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How To Get a Hair Transplant That Looks Natural

When you imagine a hair transplant, do you picture a botched hairline and the obvious surgery evidence? Many people still do and don’t realise that this is a thing of the past. 

The very recognisable plug transplant is redundant, and there are now many ways to get a new head of hair with a natural finish. The key is understanding the different types of hair transplants and which produces the best results. This article outlines how you can get a brand new hairline with no signs of surgical intervention, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Choose The Right Hair Transplant Method

When you are researching hair transplant surgery, you will come across many different methods and techniques. Clinics can sometimes use complicated medical jargon, and you might find this confusing or even overwhelming. So where do you start? 

The right transplant method for you as an individual can vary due to several factors, but follicular unit extraction (FUE) and direct hair implantation (DHI) are known to be superior. Unlike older techniques, which required moving strips of skin, these more modern approaches are all about precision. Your hair follicles are harvested and transplanted one-by-one, making the surgery almost undetectable.

The result? Thicker and healthier hair, no evidence of thinning or baldness, and a whole load of new self-confidence. 

The Clinic and Hair Transplant Doctor

There are thousands of hair transplant doctors in the world, but they are not all the same. When it comes to aesthetics, the best surgeons create the best results, and you shouldn’t settle for less. You want to find a hair transplant specialist with proven success in the field, so where do you go?

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are a great option, as not only are they incredibly affordable, but Turkey is the hair restoration capital of the world. Here, the most experienced doctors operate from specially-designed clinics and provide very competitive pricing. It is an obvious choice if you want the best doctors and the most natural transplant results. 

There are specific organisations dedicated to hair transplant excellence, such as the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). This is a great starting point, as you can use sites like theirs to research specific surgeons from across the world.

Your Part in The Recovery Process

Following your transplant, you must follow the medical advice given to achieve the best results. The surgery itself is just the beginning, and you have a part to play afterwards. Listen carefully to the advice given, and ask any questions if you are unsure.

Specific hair restoring shampoos and medications will be provided or recommended, and this is all designed for optimum hair growth. You should take all vitamins and supplements suggested by the doctor, and avoid hair cuts or styling for a few months post-surgery. Taking these steps will help create the most natural finish. 

Enjoy Your Natural Hair Transplant Results

The good news is that, yes, you can get a hair transplant that looks natural. Thousands of people have a transplant every year, and you probably wouldn’t know, thanks to the increasing quality of doctors and equipment. 

Choosing the right method, selecting the best doctor, and sticking to your post-op care routine are three of the main ways to ensure the most natural outcome. The process is relatively painless, and you can return to work within a few days of the procedure, making it more accessible than ever before.

Remember that several factors can impact your suitability for hair restoration surgery. Speak to a professional and have a consultation before making any decisions about a transplant.