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Underwear: Is Fashion Before Comfort?

Underwear is a garment that we wear every day. There is no way people would leave for work, or school, without wearing any underwear. We wear it every single minute of our life, except when we are in the shower, and the funny fact is that underwear hasn’t even been around for that long (the first bra was invented in 1914 and was popularized in 1940); however, it is unthinkable for us not to wear any. It is almost an obligation, a basic need, no one ever questions if they want to use it or not, people just wear it because it is a custom. No one ever chooses to leave their underwear behind and just put their clothes on… well, almost no one, for there is always the exception to the rule! What’s even more impressive is that underwear, nowadays, is not just a garment needed to cover or protect our body; today, underwear is fashionable, especially when talking about womens’ underwear. The problem is that fashion is not always comfortable; in fact, when talking about underwear, the more fashionable it gets, the more uncomfortable it feels. This leads us to think: is fashion before comfort? Is it really more important to wear the latest lingerie designs, made with fabrics that most of the time are uncomfortable to our bodies than wearing basic cottoned underwear that will feel better against our skin?

Judging by society, it is!

The industry of women’s’ underwear is huge; there are fashion shows all over the world to display the latest lingerie designs. The most important brands invest millions of dollars in these events that keep getting more and more glamorous and spectacular and everyone seems to love them. Every woman has at least one lingerie set, besides her everyday underwear, but most own much more. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, these facts are just for analyzing what society prefers. Is fashionable underwear something we choose or is it imposed on us? Let’s try to figure out which the best panties and the best bras for women are.

Women’s hands are holding a Lingerie at shop woman underwear clothes in the shopping mall.

The real role of undergarment

Underwear was invented to protect, it lessens the friction of the clothes against the skin, and it provides support and concealment. Also, it can keep body excretions from soaking the clothes we put on. There are many different types of underwear for different occasions, but in this case, we are referring to everyday use.

Brassieres are meant to provide support for the breasts, not to make women look sensual, therefore, the best bra for women are those that give the support needed without hurting the shoulders or back, and without itching fabrics. Panties made of any fabric other than cotton can be harmful and generate infections in women genitalia; however, this is overlooked for the sake of fashion. The worst part is that most women don’t even know this, or don´t take it into account, until it’s too late and have to face an infection, a rash or the like.

That being so, it is pretty safe to establish comfort should come before fashion.

Underwear may be outerwear

We are living in the 21st century, and many things that were unthinkable before in our history, are now trending fashion. Such an example of this statement is the fact of wearing underwear as outerwear. Even though it is not that common to see people on the street walking in their undergarment, it is likely to observe a woman wearing just a bra like if it was a top, or a lace bodysuit. In these occasions it is understandable that fashion prevails over comfort, in fact, underwear stopped fulfilling its function to become an outfit. Then it makes more sense that women prioritize how the garment looks to how comfortable it feels.

Fashion trends are hard to avoid, almost impossible; everyone wants to be fashionable and feel beautiful in their outfits, but when it comes to underwear, is it really necessary?

Undergarment is not shown in public; no one will know what you are wearing under your clothes, so when buying your underwear, it is advisable to prioritize feeling comfortable to feeling fashionable.