Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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This is Why You Should Buy Wood Burning Heaters Instead of Other Options

Some people are against the use of wood-burning stoves as they think that burning wood causes harm to the environment. Log burners are even banned in some countries for the same reason. 

But over the past few years, the technology used in these stoves have come a long way. These modern stoves do not harm the environment at all.

Here are some reasons why you should not hesitate while buying Wood burning stoves over gas heaters or a fireplace:

Use of Renewable Fuel and Eco-friendly

Unlike the use of gas or any other non-renewable source of energy, log burning stoves use wood to give off heat. Wood is a renewable fuel that gives off less carbon than gas and electricity. In the end, it causes less air pollution so the use of wood-burning stoves is more eco-friendly.

Some modern stoves are Ecodesign ready. This means that they follow every rule set by the environment directives. 

The wood-burning stoves are exempted from the clean air act of 1993 which says that it’s illegal to let smoke pass from your chimney. This proves that stoves are environment friendly and produce little to no smoke to cause any harm.

Efficient and Money Saving

The improved efficiency of modern stoves comes from the fact that they never lose much of the heat given off by the burning of wood.

Modern stoves can use any wood to provide heat; it does not matter if it’s hard or softwood. These stoves can also make use of both coal and wood as fuel to produce equally efficient heat output.

The efficient use of fuelwood saves you money to spend on fuel. There is very little maintenance cost of log stoves as they need maintenance only once a year. ‘There is very little maintenance cost of log stoves as they need maintenance only once a year. Log stove installation costs are also rather affordable as well.’

Stoves also save you more money than gas heaters and fireplaces in the long term. The price of gas and electricity is often increased by the energy providers. But in the case of wood stoves, one would only have to deal with the log seller and save a lot more than spending on gas and electricity.

Other Advantages

There are many different types of stoves in the market. Some stoves even come with a water boiler at the backside. These water boilers help you save even more heating costs by boiling water automatically for domestic use.

Furthermore, log burning stoves look much better than the gas heaters. They elevate the look of a room by the site of burning wood.

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