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Simple & Elegant Christmas Candle Decor Ideas

Christmas is a joyous festival and is a public holiday as well. Irrespective of time, space, culture, candles are worth preserving. Candles are associated with Christmas as they entrust that spiritual aspect of joy and content on human instincts and to every space and décor.

Christmas candles decorations are the most popular for decorating. They are used majorly for interior decoration as their light warms up space quickly and cozily. Candles are not only a symbol of light, but also bring hope and happiness to your homes.

Here are some easy and elegant Christmas candle decorating ideas to give a nice warm glow and have a cozy Christmas.

1. Give them as Gifts:

We all have those moments when we have trouble finding that perfect Christmas present for a friend or a loved one. Candles make excellent gifts. Also, giving candles as a gift is a historical practice. With the Christmas candles wide variety of scents, shapes, and sizes, it makes it easy to find just the right candle to fit the personality or the situation. For example, you can gift the incredible whiskey scented candles to a friend who has recently got a new house.

When you are giving candles as a gift, you have a couple of options. You can give a candle gift basket, where you can put a larger and a smaller candle, or you can even give candle gift sets made up of different kinds of scented candles.

2. Candle Decoration Ideas:

Candle decoration is one of the oldest and most loved Christmas craft idea for kids. Making candles for decorations, decorating candle holders, and making handmade candles is a fun way of spending some quality time with your kids. Thee decorations will not only light up your houses but also your children’s faces as they will be entertained and have beautiful candles in front of them. Later on, you can gift these to grandparents or your aunts and uncles as well.

3. Christmas Window Candles:

Decorating your house with a burning candle in a window is also a tradition now. Candles in windows have a history of bringing good news to the family or bringing the lost one’s home. During holidays, windows are decorated with excellent decorating ideas including the candles. People continue to place a candle in their windows to evoke the warmth of a family and as a welcoming symbol of friendship.

4. Wrapped Christmas Candles:

Wrapping a candle means to cover it up and dress up your bare candles and make them look festive for the season. Wrapping candles is a fun project for Christmas, and you can impress everyone with the beautiful looking candles. You can also gift them to your friends, family, and neighbors, and show that you care. The best way is to get pillar candles for this purpose. You can wrap your candles with ribbon, cinnamon sticks, leaves, and even jingle bells!

5. Christmas Candle Displays:

Candle displays are a very elegant and a beautiful way to decorate your home with simplicity and have a hue of tradition. Candle displays are said to be an original holiday Christmas décor. These beautiful creations can light up any place, at any time, and look as elegant as ever. Candles are an affordable way to gather and display the holiday inspiration and to enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere. Some candle displays can be made in a chic, eye-catching way with warmth and comfort. You can use scented or unscented candles with some accessories to turn on atmosphere and have a fascinating piece of home decor. You can also make an easy and cheap creative Christmas display with candles and string lights as well.

About the Author:

This post is written by Andrea Johnson. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She is currently a student of Interior Designing at the California Arts School. She regularly writes blogs at Wax & Wick.