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12 Green Maternity Dresses That Instantly Up Your Style

You see it everywhere. It’s the color of royalty, luxury, good fortune, and the natural world. You KNOW green is for queens! Still, so many women shy away from the color, and we can’t blame them. Green can be a tricky lady to work with! So when finding stylish maternity clothes already feels like hunting unicorns, why risk trying something as eye-catching as a green maternity dress? Shouldn’t you stick to your safe staples and try to fly under the radar, considering you have this huge baby bump and all? Oh no. We must politely disagree. 

If you already know how to rock green, congratulations — you may be one of the few (not that we’ve taken a poll or anything). The truth is there is a shade of green to flatter EVERY skin tone, and there’s a green maternity dress to complement every shape and trimester! Read: any mother can wear a green maternity dress and look ravishing. Yes, green is a head-turner, in the best way. This color marks you as a fashion-forward mom to be, and the right shade enhances your natural beauty! 

So, it’s all about finding the ride shade and style, is it? That’s the name of the game, and our maternity fashion editors are here to help. Some mothers are better suited with a mint green maternity dress. Other mothers have palettes made for a rich, dark green maternity dress. No matter your complexion, ALL moms can rock an emerald green maternity dress (a gem in the pregnancy fashion world)! This list will guide you through it all and let you in on where to buy maternity dresses that last for years and don’t break the bank. 

And if you crave more lush looks? You can glow all day every day in these specially-tailored maternity dresses

1. Sasha Strapless Maxi Maternity Sundress With Empire Waist in Green

Here’s a gorgeous earth tone for all mamas! We adore everything about this olive green maternity dress, from the color to the chic design. Our fav maternity boutique has done it again!

With a perfectly placed mid-waistline, Sasha is approved for all bumps and trimesters! This elegant maternity dress will define your shape whether you’re carrying high or low. How? The bodice is fitted and ruched while the skirt stays relaxed. These contrasting features separate your bust and bump to give you the best silhouette.

You know that floor-length skirt is magical, right? If you want a timeless dress with elegance and flow, you must find a maternity maxi dress

But let’s talk about this lovely green for a second. This green maternity maxi dress is perfectly balanced on the color wheel. It’s cool enough to work with fair complexions (as featured) and also muted enough that it won’t detract from warm-toned mothers. 

Best of all, Sasha comes from a long line of gorgeous, camera-approved maternity dresses! If you like her, you have to check out these maternity shoot dresses.

2. Show Me Your Mumu Jess Ruffle Midi Dress

Flouncy, sexy, and 100% yes from us! Here is the perfect forest green maternity dress for your upscale events. This Show Me Your Mumu dress has all the ingredients for a stunning look.

These elegant maternity dresses combine ruffle details and a wrap design for a stylish take on a hi-low gown. The emerald green shade is alo lovely, and the slightly sheer material helps it blend with your skin tone!

This Show Me Your Mumu maternity dress is not only stylish — it complements pregnant figures at every trimester. The wrap design cinches your form, and the mid-waistline makes the maternity gown flattering on all types of baby bumps: high, low, or in-between!

3. Sexy Mama Maternity Off the Shoulder Lace Bodycon Maternity Dress in Green

If a green lace maternity dress is your thing, you gotta try these beautiful pregnancy dresses from SMM! Trendy and body-conscious, these lace maternity gowns showcase all your curves and nothing else (no sheerness to worry about) . 

When we review bodycon maternity dresses, we always look for a quality stretch material that flaunts your bump, but not your problem areas. These Sexy Mama Maternity dresses pass the test with a super soft, durable spandex blend! The elastic material ensures you can wear these beautiful maternity dresses in all trimesters and beyond.

Plus, if there’s one thing we can’t resist in a pregnancy dress, it’s a trendy design. The lace pattern and strapless cut make this emerald green maternity dress a stylish staple you can depend on all-year! 

4. ASOS DESIGN Maternity Short Sleeve Lace Insert Mini Dress With Belt in Sage Satin Stripe

How could we not spotlight these adorable petite maternity dresses? This itty bitty ASOS maternity dress is too cute with its layered skirt and deep V neckline! 

We’re totally feeling spring vibes from this sage green maternity dress. Is it the pastel color? Or the short, flirty length? Probably both! Thanks to the bright color and breezy fit, this breezy gown is warm-weather approved.

This light green shade tends to work better on pale palettes (fair skin and hair), though that should not stop any mama from trying it out! Paired with some gold accessories, we think this light green maternity dress can warm up to many complexions. 

Honestly, the stylish details alone carry this look! We love how the skirt is layered for a flouncy effect. The lace inserts bring the composure together and highlight all the best features. Plus, this ASOS maternity gown flatters all pregnant shapes with that empire waistline + V neck combo. Perfection!

5. Kimi and Kai Maternity Tilda Lace Trim Mermaid Maxi Dress

Elegant beyond belief! This Kimi and Kai maternity mermaid gown is fit for a queen. These are some of the best maternity dresses for formal events.

This green maternity maxi dress creates a gorgeous, upscale look with its intricate lace design and flared skirt. We’re also really digging the scoop neckline — the green band and sheer lace bring attention to your collar the way a gold necklace does!

These beautiful maternity dresses also get our votes for a mother-approved bodycon material! Combined with the mermaid skirt, the curve-hugging fit tailors your physique like no other maternity gown. The dark green shade also plays a role too by slimming your silhouette ever so slightly. 

6. Lukalula Maternity Fashion V Neck Short Sleeved Ruffle Dress

Mint green is in! And this Lukalula maternity dress does the shade justice. With a light green turquoise color and paisley print, this flowy pregnancy dress is ready for the springtime. 

The tiered skirt breaks up the gown’s length and balances your silhouette. We also love how the skirt is relaxed and breezy — a must for any warm-weather dress! This mint green maternity dress is comfy and roomy. 

What caught our eye though is the super deep V neckline! This feature adds that sexy touch, though these are already very beautiful maternity dresses. Your long chains and statement necklaces will not go to waste on this pretty, flowy maternity dress!

7. Seraphine Green Knot Front Maternity Dress

This luxurious green maternity dress is fit for royalty! You honestly can’t go wrong with a Seraphine maternity dress — they’re some of the finest in the industry. We chose this emerald green maternity dress for its chic design, radiant color, and supreme comfort.

Firstly, the twist knot design on the bodice gets all eyes where they’re supposed to be. It captures attention and defines your shape by separating your bust and tummy! We love how it’s so simple and yet super elegant.

Of course, the plunging V neckline is fit to flatter all mamas in every trimester. The cut even keeps your boobs comfy and supported with a durable material and design.

All in all, this green velvet maternity dress wins for its elegance and versatility. It shines with a shade that’s closer to blue, so it looks stunning on mamas with fair skin or cool undertones. 

8. Pink Blush Forest Green Ruffle Accent Fitted Maternity Wrap Dress

Yes, yes, yes! These forest green maternity dresses are too cute to resist! They’re lil’ mermaid gowns dipped in a lovely dark green.

These Pink Blush Dresses have a composure that you don’t see in all maternity gown dresses. The mini V neck and just-above-the-knee skirt makes these petite maternity dresses balanced and flattering, especially for short mamas. The ruffle hem enhances the cuteness!

We also like how the ruffle features break up the bodycon fit. The flare helps the fitted material flex your curves even more! Thanks to the design and dark color, these maternity gown dresses give you a sleek silhouette in every trimester.

9. H&M MAMA Ruffle Trimmed Dress

H&M maternity dresses are stepping up in the market, and these petite maternity dresses show us why. Easy and breezy, this sage green maternity dress is comfy beyond belief. The floral print and light green color is perfect for your spring maternity wardrobe, too!

We are big fans of H&M maternity clothes because they are SO practical. These pretty maternity dresses fit just like an oversized T-shirt, but they offer the adorable look of a maternity sundress! 

This mint green maternity dress features a high empire waistline to flatter your growing tummy. The skirt is pleated at the hem for an extra flowy effect — a stylish touch we appreciate! 

10. Hello Miz Solid Side Tie V Neck Maternity Dress

A simple and practical staple worth keeping for years! This Hello Miz Maternity dress is nursing friendly, warm-weather approved, and very cute. 

These timeless, beautiful maternity dresses have all the right ingredients for a gorgeous fit. They’re cinched underneath the bust for shape (further accented by the tie). The skirt is pleated and flowy to give you a soft silhouette, no matter how large or small your baby bump may be.

This light olive green maternity dress is best suited for pale complexions, but any mama can wear it if they need a solid nursing gown in a hurry! Add your favorite jewelry and a sun hat, and you have an adorable casual look that will fly any summer day. 

11. SHEIN Maternity Puff Sleeve Ditsy Floral Dress

These elegant pregnancy dresses from SHEIN maternity wear are super stylish. Chic and boho, these flowy maternity dresses are offer the perfect laid-back look for casual outing

We love a good maternity maxi dress. They’re always in season and very graceful! The floor-length skirt on this dark green maternity dress can float you through every season (except maybe winter).

12. Ingrid and Isabel Ripe Lynx Cross Front Nursing Dress

Well, here’s a fab print to admire! This green Ingrid and Isabel maternity dress has it all — fresh design, nursing access, and sublime comfort. In our opinion, every mom should own one of these green maternity dresses!

We’re seeing more animal prints in the maternity fashion scene lately, and we can say it’s a welcomed trend. This lynx-inspired design keeps your look fresh and reminiscent of high-fashion — something that traditional maternity clothes lacked for a long time! That’s just the first impressive feature of these pregnancy maternity dresses, though.

Could you tell this is a nursing dress? Neither could we! There is a super discreet nursing layer (disguised as a stylish ruched bodice) that allows for breastfeeding on the go.

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