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6 Gemstone Ring Collection Shopping Tips

Building a ring collection takes time, patience, and a little know-how to get right. Steer clear of buyer’s regret by following these six tips and tricks that will lead you to your dream collection of gorgeous gemstone rings…

Set a budget

Setting yourself a spending budget creates structure and direction for your search. With so many options online and in store, you’d be forgiven for feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed when you first set out on your gemstone hunt. This is going to determine where you can and can’t shop; the materials your rings are composed of; and how many pieces you’re able to pick up. This streamlining is going to make your shopping process far faster.

Image source: Lassanai

Choose quality over quantity

Quality should always come before quantity when you’re shopping for your gemstone ring collection. It can be so tempting to splash out on multiple cheaper pieces, particularly when you’re wanting to build your collection sooner rather than later. You should, however, resist this temptation and instead look at investing your money into beautifully made, high quality rings that will last forever. High quality rings are crafted from ethical metals, shine with raw cut stones, and will withstand all the daily wear and tear that rings are commonly subject to.

Watch out for variants

Gemstones get their beauty from their organic rawness, meaning that they often vary quite a bit from piece to piece. The key to selecting the best gemstone possible is by looking out for where they are sourced, whether the stones are hand cut, and by exploring the sustainability factor within a brand. Unique, hand cut gemstones will really let the color and shape of the piece shine, so artisan, creatively designed pieces really are the way to go.

Shop authentic

Shopping from authentic, boutique brands will lead you to unexpectedly eclectic styles that bring that extra special touch to your jewelry collection. Smaller designers will be able to ensure that your items are being created in the most sustainable, ethical fashion possible. Search for brands that use organic materials, pure metals and slow, human focused practices to find a striking gemstone adornment that’s as cool as it is kind. Shopping from authentic brands also means that you’re sourcing gemstone jewelry that’s individual! Finding truly unique pieces is becoming increasingly difficult.Unique handmade rings come from exciting, creative designers, so shop from these brands, and you’ll find yourself with a beautiful personal collection that stands out from the crowd.

Stick to your personal style

Gemstone rings come in so many different shapes, sizes and styles, so in order to choose the right one for you, it’s important that you stay true to your own tastes and preferences. You can find delicate, soft toned rings that are perfect for stacking and layering, or for wearing alone if you prefer a subtle shine. There are also plenty of chunky, statement styles that bring a seriously edgy hint of contemporary cool to any outfit. Choose according to your own preferences to find a ring that really feels like you.

Create a color mood

If you’re into layering, you should think about creating a color palette for your ring styling. Base it off of the metal undertone that you’ve opted for – golds and bronzes should follow warm tones, while platinum or white gold can blend with cooler hues. Silver is a great option as it harmonizes perfectly with all undertones. Pick three to five colors and work within a palette for sophisticated ring styling that’s personal and eye-catching.

Follow these tips to build a striking collection of gemstone rings.