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Why Campervan Holidays Are the Best Way to Travel This Year

The travel industry has been massively impacted this year because of coronavirus. Not only has the global pandemic seen countries close their borders and enter lockdown but also new travel restrictions are in place and people feel less inclined to go on holiday because of their safety concerns. However, now the world has opened up #again, we can travel once more. Bearing in mind how stressful the past few months have been, a holiday is exactly what we all need. This being said, it’s still somewhat dangerous to go travelling during these uncertain times. So, what do we recommend? Well, we think campervan holidays are the way to go. Keep reading to find out all the reasons why.

Freedom of Movement

One of the main advantages of a campervan holiday has always been the complete freedom of movement they grant you. With them, there is no need for catching the train or flying across countries. You can simply drive everywhere instead, which means you can travel to your heart’s content. This is especially helpful in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Recently, travellers have found themselves trapped on their holidays because countries and local areas have been re-entering lockdown left, right and centre. They also must quarantine for at least two weeks once they have returned. This isn’t so much of an issue with campervan trips because you’re only ever passing through areas.


Unlike most other types of holiday, you’re entirely self-sufficient when you go travelling via campervan. Your motorhome not only functions as your accommodation and transport but also provides cleaning and catering facilities. This makes them perfect for adventurers who love their independence. What’s more, considering the global pandemic, being self-sufficient is probably best for reducing your likelihood of contracting the coronavirus. For example, you won’t need to go into restaurants to eat.

Open Air

The best thing about campervanning is being close to nature as you travel across various landscapes. You also don’t need to go through busy train stations or get on compact aeroplane flights to do so. It’s a good thing that motorhome holidays are open-air, as the spread of coronavirus is slowed by good air circulation. So, do some research into campervans for sale Scotland for a brilliant open-air holiday which allows you to journey everywhere from Loch Lomond to Fort William and appreciate the nature along the way.

Limited Social Interaction

Most people like holidaying because it gives them a break from socialising and allows them to fully relax. Motorhome holidays provide you with exactly that. For example, you won’t have to encounter hotel receptionists or holiday reps. Limiting your social interaction will also prevent you from catching coronavirus. The only time you need to re-integrate with society on a campervan holiday is going food shopping, which you would have to do at home anyway.

These are all the reasons why a campervan holiday is perfect for travelling this year during the pandemic. Take the break you deserve whilst also staying perfectly safe.