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5 Ways to Use Marine Collagen

Every human body is designed to produce collagen in our body.

In fact, did you know that of all the proteins that our body has, collagen is the most prominent? It is a key driver in keeping everything from our skin to our blood vessels in tip-top shape. But, the irony in this is that as we age in years, our body slowly produces less and less collagen!

This is why wrinkles develop with aging—because collagen is no longer present in the skin like it used to be during those youthful years.

But just because your body can’t naturally produce collagen like it used to doesn’t mean it still won’t reap the benefits of marine collagen from One Ocean Beauty!

One of the biggest beauty trends at the moment to keep a youthful look is to add marine collagen into beauty and skincare products and health supplements. It is taken from fish and broken down into a form that our own human body can easily absorb.

So what are some of the ways to use marine collagen? We have rounded up the top five ways to use this protein booster to enhance your life.

1. For a better nights sleep

Marine collagen has been shown to enhance people’s sleep and the quality of sleep. This is because marine collagen is able to supply our body with enough protein at night to not go into starvation and equally ensure that our body temperature remains at a comfortable level. So if you are someone who struggles with sleep, marine collagen is a way to get a much more quality night’s sleep! The best way to use marine collagen for this is to take it in a supplement format.

2. For a better gut

Indigestion and stomach problems is never a fun health problem to deal with. Another way in which marine collagen can be used is to take it for a better gut. Research is showing that the glycine in marine collagen is able to help reduce inflammation in your stomach and prevent you from getting that upset tummy feeling. The best way to use marine collagen for this is to mix it into your evening meal so your body can best absorb it.

3. For better skin

Marine collagen is all the rage for skincare products. Our skin cells react very positively to an added boost of marine collagen and have a whole range of benefits that include hydrated skin, minimal or no wrinkles, and that youthful glow everyone craves! The best way to use marine collagen for better skin is to buy clean beauty skin products that have marine collagen mixed into the formula. So all you have to do is apply it as part of your daily skincare routine and you will see instant results!

4. For a better workout

If you are someone who wants to enhance your workout, taking marine collagen is a great way to get more protein to your muscles! In fact, marine collagen is shown to be able to not only help people increase their muscle mass, but also prevent the feeling of sore muscles post-workout. A great way to use marine collagen for a better workout and better body results is in liquid form and mix it into a pre or post-workout snack.

5. For better nails and bones

If you are someone who suffers from brittle hair and nails, taking a marine collagen supplement is a great way to strengthen both! Taking marine collagen in a supplement form or in a liquid form mixed into your breakfast will ensure that your hair and nails will grow stronger every single day!

There are so many great ways to incorporate marine collagen into your daily routine. What will you use it for? 

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