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Single Storey Builders: Key Advantages Single Floor Living Delivers

Are you prepared to take the next step in the home-buying procedure but can’t decide whether you want a single or two-story home? You’re not alone; making a decision can be difficult for potential buyers. Many potential homebuyers are torn between whether one- or two-story living will better suit their requirements and lifestyles. Read more here for single storey builders 

Partner With A Reputable Building Contractor For Your Next Home 

Once you’ve determined that single-story living is the correct decision for you, what’s the easiest way to make sure you get what you expect in your next home? Partner with a reputable construction company that specializes in this type of layout. You’ll have access to their experience and architectural skills, which will help you get absolutely what you want without having to pay for services and designs that you don’t need. 

Single Level Living Offers Unparalleled Features And Benefits 

While two-story homes have become more prevalent in recent years, it’s essential not to overlook the many features and advantages that one-story homes have to offer, especially those that are well-equipped with high-end luxury amenities. Choosing a single-story floor plan has a number of benefits, including: 

1. More possible square footage:- Although you don’t have to spend precious space putting in stairways, a one-story home can probably provide more room to roam than its two-story counterparts, based on the variety of homes you’re searching for.

2. Higher ceilings:- Do cathedral and vaulted ceilings appeal to you? In a building with two floors, they’ll be impossible to come by. If it relates to how high you want your skylights to be, the sky is the maximum if you maintain your living quarters on the ground floor.

3. Fewer bathrooms needed:- Because everything would be on the same stage in homes with a single layout, landlords need fewer total bathrooms. This will save you a lot of money both when buying the house and in annual taxes over the course of your ownership.

4. Safer for children and pets:- Many double-story houses have upstairs bedrooms, which means that landowners must childproof and secure all of the windows on that level to keep kids and animals safe in the event of a fall. Selecting a house with ground-level living virtually eliminates the possibility of a second-level fall.

5. Easier to evacuate:- Nobody wants to think about an unanticipated emergency at the house. Unfortunately, it is possible. If you keep everybody on one level of living space, you immediately improve your chances of a smooth evacuation if the need arises.

Because not everyone needs to move, single-story extensions are a very cost-effective option. It could be a wise investment that increases the value of your home while also providing the extra space you and your family require. This type of addition typically adds an increased room to the home that can be utilized as a bedroom or study.

Conclusion:- Ultimately, it’s no surprise that residing on two levels can result in a lot of bothersome upstairs disturbance and foot traffic, which can cause big problems for everyone downstairs. You’ll never have to fear someone with a heavy tread causing a commotion right above your head if you live on a single level.

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