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Beginner’s Guide to Running Gear

Running is considered to be the most convenient form of sport that can be persuaded by just about anyone. Your performance, your training and your motivation towards running are significantly dependent on your running gears/kit. Following is a list of all the must-have items that you must consider buying if you are a new runner. For more info on running, click here.

Running Tops

The tops and shirts that you should buy for your running kit must be according to the weather conditions. You will need different kinds of shirts for multiple temperatures and seasons. These tops and shirts are available in a wide variety of fabrics, weight, and size. When buying running tops, steer clear of the fabric cotton; rather you can choose technical fabrics for your clothing. These fabrics can retain moisture to buildup in your shirt and thus keep you comfortable and dry during running. Such fabrics are not just lightweight, but they also feel cool against the skin because they regulate the temperature of your body and disperse heat during hot and humid days.

Running Shoes

Good quality running shoes are the ultimate solution to pain-free running. Therefore, you must spend a good time and money looking for shoes that are not just well-cushioned but also comfortable and are able to bout your foot gait and biomechanics. A basic measuring criterion for a good running shoe is its comfort, fit and flexibility. Neutral shoes are the first recommendation for runners with high arches, an effective running posture, and a lighter body structure. Stability shoes are made especially to avoid the excessive outward rolling of the foot while Rockey cushioned shoes are there for heavy runners who need even more cushioning in their shoes to balance their arch and ankle support.

Running Socks

It is advised to look for decent and good quality eco friendly running socks so your feet can remain uninjured and comfortable every time you take a run. You must look out for those pair of socks that are seamless and are designed perfectly to wick the sweat and moisture away from your feet. This will help in improving your overall performance because when you run, there will be less friction and you will not get any blisters on your feet as well.

Running Tights and Running Shorts

Both of these leg attires are an important part of your running kit. Buying running shorts that are comfortable, breathable, made out of well-lit fabric and lightweight is always suggested. Your running shorts must also contain light mesh inner underwear padding for a better fit. Running tights are generally made up of stretchy fabrics that are bound to give high performance. This fabric can either be Nylon or Supplex. Both of these fabrics can prevent the buildup of moisture in your legs and keep you comfortable by preventing chaffing of your inner thighs.

Running Gloves

Running can make your hands very cold since a large volume of blood in your body is being diverted from your fingers and hands to working muscles in your legs. This is the reason why you need a pair of good gloves that are not only waterproof but contains Windstopper capacities as well.