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Emotional Stages after a DUI Arrest

Are you aware that after being arrested for DUI that you might be going through some emotional stages of your life of how you process the fact you were arrested and the impact it could have on your life? Did you know there are processes and stages that you go through after a DUI? Today, we will be discussing those emotional stages and some of the things you might be feeling after being charged with a DUI.

You see the lights and get pulled over by a cop and received a DUI, and you get taken out of the vehicle. You’re asked to perform field sobriety exercises whether you pass or fail, and then you get put into handcuffs. You’re going to feel devastated as you get taken to jail and have to perform the breath test. If you refuse, you will be told that you might lose your license. You’re then processed like any other person who’s been charged with far more serious crimes.

You’re sitting there in jail and thinking you don’t know what to do. There will be some stages you’re going to go through after a DUI arrest. You need to be prepared for them, and you need to know how to deal with them.


At first, you will go through shock and denial. You have been locked up, and then you get out in the morning after seeing the judge or posting a bond. You’re in a whirlwind, feeling dirty from the jail, and you can’t believe what just happened to you. You might not even be ready to process it and be prepared to deal with it.

The only thing you know for sure is that your car is in impound, you got arrested, and got a booking photo.

All these feelings are natural and it’s okay to be in shock and denial. You’re not going to know how to process it right away.

Fear and Remorse

The fear of getting a DUI can feel overwhelming. You will worry about what will happen to your career, finances, or spouse. Then, you might start to feel bad about the decision you made and begin to feel remorseful. You start beginning to feel afraid and anxious.


The fear of getting the DUI may drive your anger. You may begin to read the police report and starting that the cop exaggerated some stuff. You can begin to get extremely angry at the police officer and get quotes from experienced DUI attorneys. Then, once you find out how much it is for a lawyer, it makes you even angrier that you’re in this position. This can lead to you feeling angry with your coworkers or your spouse.


You may start to feel sad and begin doing some introspection on yourself. After weighing the impact that the DUI is going to have on your life, there’s going to be times where you will feel depressed. These will be the times when you need to reach out for some help and guidance. Everyone goes through hard times, so you must use the help of your family to push through depressing moments.

Calmness and Confidence

Once you find a comptent lawyer that is experienced, considerate, and professional, you will start to feel calm and confident that your DUI will be handled appropriately. Hopefully, your lawyer will give you some level of confidence, and as you process all those emotions, you feel calmer about the situation. Once you have retained someone who’s on your side, it will give you the confidence you need to move forward.

Putting your Life Back Together

As you’re progressing through the steps of the DUI process, you begin to realize it’s not the end of the world. You realize you will be able to move forward through this arrest. You will also understand that you will still be able to move forward in your career and that because you made a mistake, you will learn from it and be better from it.


Your DUI may go into diversion or get your DUI reduced down to reckless driving. Even if you don’t, and plead guilty to a DUI, there will be some level of acceptance. When you have accepted your situation, that will be the clearest path for you to move on with your life.

In Summary

The process of getting arrested and receiving a DUI is hard enough. Hopefully, this explanation will help you deal with the consequences of the situation and help you cope with the outcome, regardless of what it is. Remember, a DUI is a mistake, but it’s not the end of the world. Your will life will keep going, so you will as well. Reach out to an experienced DUI lawyer in Orlando to take on your case as soon as possible