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Exercises to Grow Taller – Growing Tall Stretches for Increasing Height

Nobody likes to remain short throughout their lives. Common human tendency is to believe that short people are ugly and tall people are attractive. Although your genes do play a pivotal role in determining your physical height, there are some stretching exercises that can help you gain some additional height even after you are past your puberty. It is true that your body grows the most right before the early 20s once you are past your puberty stage. However, there is still scope for you to grow tall after this stage and there are some things that can help you gain a couple of inches to your existing height.

Exercises That Help You Gain Inches in Height

There are some specific set of exercises that can help you get taller. Although some of them require some definite set of equipment, most of them can be done freehand. Some of these height gaining exercises are discussed below.

  • Swinging Or Bar Hanging: All you need to do this exercise is a set of monkey bars at a park or even a sturdy playground equipment can serve the purpose. Even if you have a pull-up bar or a safe horizontal bar at home, you can use to do this exercise. As the name suggests, all you need to do is jump and grab the bar letting your body hang loose and dangle freely. Gently, swing back and forth in order to let your spine decompress and your arms to stretch out. Make sure that the bar is slightly higher than your original height to let you hang properly. Perform different intervals of 20 seconds each till you feel stretched out properly.

  • Wall Stretches: You will need a wall free from any wall-hangings for this exercise. Stand and put your back to the wall and gradually stretch as high as possible. Let your spine stretch out further. You may also stand on tiptoes in order to encourage your spine to stretch out more than normal.

  • Basketball: Do you like to play basketball in your leisure time? Once you get to know that playing basketball can also help you get taller, you will probably spend more time at the court. The jumping and stretching your limbs go a great distance in helping your body get taller. Hooping can also prove beneficial for the overall stretch and length of your body. It is true that apart from the various health benefits of playing basketball, it is also a fun game.

  • Superman Stretch: Most of you may have heard about this stretching exercise. You need to lay down on the ground facing down and both hands behind you. Hold onto both hands securely and raise your legs and upper body. Your body needs to be teetering on your stomach. However, do not bend your knees at all. To add more to this exercise, gently rock your body back and forth in order to let your spine decompress further. Although this will make you feel more like a rocking chair than superman, it will benefit you more.