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Learn the Difference between a Cannabis Clinic and a Dispensary

Since 2001, when Canada introduced medicinal cannabis, there has been a major increase in demand for patients wanting to try medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of issues such as anxiety, seizures, insomnia, and chronic pain. It would be helpful if you want to know more about one of it’s type cannabis sativa strain.

Before the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, it was a little more difficult to navigate the system. Canadians had to find a medicinal cannabis-prescribing doctor. Health clinics specializing in cannabinoid therapy have been appeared all over Canada;at the same time, cannabis dispensaries have been appearing as well. It might be difficult to tell the difference between the two, but medicinal cannabis and cannabis purchased from a dispensary are two different products. Here are is a simple guide to tell the difference between the two.

Cannabis clinics vs. dispensaries

Medical cannabis clinics are designed to give patients a secure location to provide their information and cannabis grown to treat ailments. Prices may vary between medical cannabis clinics, and the products available may differ as well.

Before legalization, a number of illegal dispensaries existed in major cities in Canada. Since legalization, most of these have been shut down, though a few do remain. By and large, there are both medical cannabis clinics and new, legal stores for recreational cannabis.

Since the legalization of cannabis, the laws have changed, and many legal dispensaries have opened. In Vancouver, several dispensaries, particularly non-profits known as compassion clubs, have been issued municipal business licenses to operate. Also, the owners of Hamilton, Ontario’s Hamilton Village Dispensary won a court battle to keep its doors open, but it no longer sells to recreational consumers.

The Pros of a Licensed Producer

The legal status of cannabis dispensaries varies from province to province. In Ontario, the first storefront dispensaries open in April 2018. Until then, recreational customers have to rely on mail orders. In B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan, licensed producers such as Starbuds offer cannabis in legal storefronts.

Not only is it 100% legal but buying cannabis products from a licensed producer (LP), like Starbuds, has some major benefits. The cannabis on sale has been safety-tested and limited to using a maximum of 21 pesticides and the amount of THC and CBD is properly and clearly labeled on the package.

Most producers also have a robust, knowledgeable, and helpful customer service staff that will help you learn which dosage and strand are best for you based on your wants and needs from the product. To learn more about the advantages of buying cannabis from a licensed producer, click here and discover how easy it can be.

In most provinces in Canada, retail cannabis licenses are given out to recreational cannabis retailers.

Medical Cannabis Clinics

Medical cannabis clinics remain from the pre-legalization days with locations around Canada. These clinics help you get your ACMPR license by meeting with a physician, then send your prescription to a licensed producer. Your LP will fulfill your prescription, all you have to do is book an appointment first.

As regulation improves, it will become easier to tell the difference between medical cannabis clinics and recreational cannabis stores, as well as avoid those operating under the table.