Friday, April 23, 2021

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5 Industries Well-Suited to The Remote Working Lifestyle

Remote working is a trend, which has been gaining quite a momentum over the past few years, and with the 2020 pandemic, it has become practically a new norm in most workplaces. In many cases this model of work is actually thriving immensely and employees are happier as well. With modern technological advances such as cloud-based processes, increased security, Remote PC Access and more, a number of industries can actually shift to home based remote working situations without any negative impact on the end-result.

Software And Web Designing

As long as one has the access to necessary device, knowledge and software, web designing and software development can easily be done from the comfort of one’s home. For most developers, these means are easily available and can be absolutely done with regular consumer grade products itself, thereby practically eliminating the need for an onsite development work. While remote working is far from new to IT, in the future a major part of the industry can easily be shifted to remote working model.

Marketing And Advertisement

Larger section of the marketing and advertisement industry can actually manage to work remotely without affecting the process. While over the years, in order to rope in global talent, this industry has already included remote working, it can only be expected that this trend will grow over time. A lot of marketing, especially social media management, absolutely does not require a person to work from an office as it can be done from practically any device, anywhere. While some of the advertising jobs require special software, with remote screen and sharing, it is possible to do it from the comfort of your home.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of any business, online or office. However, in most cases customer or tech support does not necessarily require a strict physical presence, since most of the online support can be done on most devices and operating systems. Shifting most of the customer service to remote work might actually help companies offer better and round the clock support.

Content And Copywriting

Often content and copywriters do not have much of specific hardware or software requirements to produce quality work. With a proper knowledge and grip over language, this is a job, which can be done from one’s home, a restaurant, and even on a vacation, making it a perfect field for remote working. Even most editors can shift to this model as well.


The field of education seems to be particularly blossoming with the inclusion of remote working. The boundaries of learning have expanded exponentially as students, teachers, researchers and academicians from across the world can remotely come together to enrich their fields. While it might not eliminate schools, especially for younger children, altogether, it is a great way to take the education industry forward.

Remote working has several benefits. Employees are often happier to work remotely as they are able to spend more time with family and work at their convenience, and it is often seen to have a positive influence on improving productivity. It also opens up many possibilities as companies are no longer restricted by physical proximity and can scout for the best quality of work, across the globe. Moreover, it reduces the establishment expenses and is an excellent green initiative.

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