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Why Choose Timber Flooring Clearance Warehouse?

Timber laminate floors are nowadays amongst the most popular choices for residences in Perth. This floor type, manufactured using high-density particles coated with a highly durable laminate overlay, provides the flexibility of hardwood at a much lower cost. We offer laminate flooring Perth in different types of sizes and styles, ensuring that you will find what you want in our store. Such a flooring simulates the look of practically any kind of hardwood, meaning that you will always find a floor, which matches the décor of the rest of your house. As with hardwood, the strongest selling point of laminate floors is its durability, making it ideal for areas with high traffic, homes with pets and children, as well as other places where floorings need to be resistant to damage. Our laminate flooring performs excellently in all types of conditions. Their pocket-friendly prices makes them more affordable when compared with other types of flooring options, allowing you to give your home the best flooring without denting your wallet. Also, this synthetic material comes in an array of vibrant colours and smooth finishes.

Why choose Timber Flooring Clearance Warehouse?

Timber Flooring Clearance

The floorings we sell are available in a variety of styles and designs, making it suitable for any office or home. The biggest advantage of laminate flooring is that it does not retain much heat compared to other types of floorings, making it perfect for use in the notorious climate of Australia. It is also resistant to moisture and scratches. The installation process hardly takes any time as the design of our floorings allows it to be fixed on a compatible overlay. It implies that no mechanical fixings or adhesives are needed for the installation process. Our team of experts will set the floorings without disrupting your daily routine. We request you to visit our outlet and go through the most extensive range of Inovar laminated floorboards. The high-density fibre board (HDF) used to make these floors are surfaced with an anti-abrasive protective overlay, for better dent, chip, and scratch-resistance. They have a balancing film on their back for dimensional stability. You need not worry if you are staying in a different location in Australia, as we deliver our floorings to all parts of the country.

Why Inovar Laminateted Floorboards

We recommend Inovar laminated floorings because of the quality of the product as well as its global product warranty. To enhance the life of the flooring, we suggest that you mop, vacuum clean, or sweep it to remove any sand or dirt from the floor’s surface. Since the floors are made for easy maintenance, wiping it lightly with a damp mop is more than enough to keep its surface clean. The Inovar laminate flooring Perth that we sell are known globally for their workmanship. Additionally, they are termite, fade, stain, and wear-resistant. We at Timber Flooring Clearance Warehouse are the leaders in Perth in quality flooring solutions at affordable prices for your residential and commercial projects. As we import directly from the manufacturer, we can offer wholesale prices. Visit our store today for arguably the best prices for Inovar laminate flooring Perth.