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10 Bathroom Design Ideas to Inspire You

Keep it Light

When it comes to bathroom design ideas, a room containing predominantly lighter-coloured surfaces is one that never goes out of style. White is classic and can easily be paired with other accent colors if you so desire.

As an added bonus, most bathroom components come standard in white, which helps you avoid having to spend extra money on custom pieces.

If you’re seeking bathroom design ideas for small spaces, a light-coloured design will also help maximize the space and make it appear bigger than it actually is.

…Or Go Dark

Dark bathrooms have become very popular in commercial spaces like shopping malls and restaurants. As such, this is one of the best bathroom design ideas for 2019.

As great as it is to keep things light, this can be overwhelming if your bathroom is on the larger side; too many white surfaces will make it feel cavernous and perhaps even bland.

Quartz Showers

When choosing a surface for your shower, you’ve got many options. Most people opt for ceramic tile but one of the best bathroom design ideas for 2019 involves using quartz instead. Companies like Caesarstone manufacture quartz in the form of entire sheets. This allows you to create an uninterrupted aesthetic in your shower that’s not possible with more conventional materials.

Feeling Adventurous? Go ALL Quartz!

If you’re feeling really adventurous, why stop at quartz showers? Quartz is a versatile enough material that it can be used for all surfaces in your bathroom, including floors and wall coverings.
This will be expensive — but if you have the budget and are looking to create something incredibly stunning, it can’t really be beat.

Brass Hardware

Brass hardware is another one of those bathroom design ideas that never go out of style. Give your bathroom a luxurious appearance with polished brass that resembles gold. For a really luxurious feel, pair this with black cabinets.

Waterfall-Style Shower

One of the best bathroom design ideas in a modern style is a waterfall-style shower. This pairs especially well with a stone shower wall and natural lighting, or at least lighting that resembles rays of sunshine.

Honeycomb Tiles

Many popular bathroom design ideas for 2019 harken back to the classic designs of prior decades. That includes honeycomb tiles. You can create a larger, almost modular look by using large tiles — or an intricate one if you use smaller honeycomb tiles.

This is also one of those great bathroom design ideas for small spaces as honeycomb tiles add plenty of visual intrigue and make a room look wider.

Honeycomb tiles are also great if you don’t particularly care for wall decorations in your bathroom; the shape is visually interesting enough to stand on its own.

Open Shelves

Many people approach the challenge of bathroom storage by placing supplies in a different room entirely. While that’s one of the most effective bathroom design ideas for small spaces, open shelving is a great option if you have more room.

You can either build the shelving into the wall (for a truly intentional, luxurious look) or use a freestanding and colour-coordinated shelf to hold your bathroom supplies.
Either way, storing supplies right in your bathroom is both convenient and visually interesting when you pull it off.

Go Industrial

One of the most prominent bathroom design ideas for modern spaces involves creating an industrial look. Exposed plumbing, utilitarian tiles, and rustic fixtures are a great way to incorporate the design sensibilities of decades past.

It can be nerve-wracking to attempt this as it’s very easy to pull of an industrial design that doesn’t look intentional. When in doubt, include artwork that evokes the era you’re emulating. That should make it clear that your rustic bathroom is very intentionally designed.

Mix and Match

You don’t have to use just one or even two materials in your bathroom. In fact, the most brilliant bathroom design ideas use a wide variety of materials, including wood, stainless steel, ceramic, quartz, and glass. By choosing and coordinating the materials intentionally, you’ll create a bathroom that has many dimensions and is a joy to be in.

Bathroom Design Ideas: Conclusion

The bathroom design ideas above should leave you with some solid inspiration for designing a room that meets your needs functionally as well as visually. Not only are they great bathroom design ideas for 2019 — they also contain a timeless appeal.