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Your Personal Cell Phone Spy For Android Phone and Iphone

We appreciate living in a technologically advanced world. Even so, there are concerns about this lifestyle, especially when it comes to security. I’m not referring to the typical security worries of violence, criminal attacks, or theft. Your mobile devices need to be safe and secure from external interruptions. How can we do that? Let me show you a way to spy your cell phone, whether Android or iPhone.

How to Cell Phone Spy on Your Android and iPhone

Do you ever fear for your phone’s security? If so, then you need to start a journey that could help you. As a beginner, you might find this course challenging. Don’t worry anymore. Follow this guide to help you spy on your cell phone; Android or iPhone.

Use spy software to help you carry out this activity without anyone ever knowing. There are reasons why you need these programs. You can use them to spy on a loved one, monitors your kids, supervise employees, or track your phone when away from it. The process of using these apps is quite quick and straightforward. First, you need to choose the appropriate software for spying. For instance, JJspy is a perfect app that you might want to consider. Please have a look at why you need to do so by examining its prominent features at

Next, you should buy whatever app you choose and have it installed on the target device. The advantage of using JJspy is that before you decide on whether or not to use it, there’s a live demo you can watch for either phone. Find each of them here at The installation process will depend on the instructions provided by the app providers. Lastly, after having your software installed, it’s time to enjoy the spying process. Now, you can monitor every action that takes place within the target phone.

Best Cell Phone Spy Apps for Android

Numerous people look for spy apps each day. Most of them end up falling for tricks about free spying apps. This makes it difficult for them to get what they want. Don’t be fooled into believing that every site you visit that claims to contain a spy app is legit. You wouldn’t want to download apps that might infect your phone with viruses and lead to loss of valuable data. That’s why you need a secure and reliable app to help spy on your Android phone. Apart from JJspy, here is a list of the other best cell phone spy apps for Android.

  • Spyic. As the name suggests, you can be sure it performs precisely the spying role. It’s a favourite app for many. It contains several features with some able to spy any Smartphone than any person could. If you think I’m overstating, feel free to visit and find more information about this app at
  • Cocospy. This cell phone spy app is a perfect one and closely competes with Spyic. It’s well-known and excellent for your Android. You can spy your device extensively without rooting it.
  • Minspy. This is meant to help you monitor employees and kids. It lacks many features but can get your work correctly done.
  • Spyier. This is ideal for message spying. It’s not that loaded like Spyic, but you can be sure to benefit from using it.
  • Guestspy. It is a cell phone spy app for monitoring the internet activity or SMS of any person. Among its significant features is the ability to hear the surroundings of a gadget.

Can You Spy On Android Without Using An App?

If you’re not a tech guru or don’t find installing an app to spy your Android convenient, there’s still hope. You can do this by employing two alternatives. First, consider using an Android device manager. This is a popular option that involves tracking phone location, locking it, making it ring, and deleting the data. It’s simple as all Androids have it installed. To access it, make sure your target device has an internet connection. Use the credentials of the Google account linked to the manager and then follow the instructions provided.

The second alternative is your Google timeline, initially called “Route History.” You need to ensure there’s an internet connection on the target device and that location is enabled. Using the credentials of target gadget, access the account, tap on the “your timeline” option in the menu, and navigate through. You will see timelines of where the target device has been and is at.

Best Cell Phone Spy Apps for iPhone

Typically, you’ll find out that most of the cell phone spy software that is used for Android can still be used for iPhone. There are just some few exemptions where apps are built exclusively for iPhones. JJspy is one of the apps that will suit your spying needs for this phone. The exceptional features it contains can be found on the site These include; – no jailbreak, no rooting requirements, call log, IM messages, text messages, live screens, and live cameras. Why not try a free live demo at I’m sure you will love this app and acquire it to start monitoring your phone and access additional features. You might also like other best cell phone spy apps such as Spyic, Cocospy, Sypine, Appmia, Spybubble, and Hellospy.

Can You Spy On iPhone Without Having the Phone?

This is a question that spy software users have been asking. Fortunately, it appears that they’ve got an answer. People no longer need to have someone else’s iPhone to spy them. The good news is that it’s possible to spy on the cell phone without accessing it. The belief that spying can only take place through jailbreaking is now a thought in the past. All you need to do is use iCloud to access the data stored there. However, you’ll require the individuals’ Apple ID and password. If the phone to be spied is yours, create iCloud backup such that whenever the person who is having it carries out any activity, you’ll see it from anywhere. Imagine how spying your personal iPhone has been made easy!

The Bottom Line

As the world continues to advance technologically, the security measures to be taken also improve. How wonderful it is that you can spy your cell phone or those of others! The spy software industry has made this possible and straightforward than we would expect. Such apps as JJspy are suitable for this activity and can be accessed at any time from Don’t let insecurity limit you in monitoring your phone’s activities. From now on, the JJSPY tool will take you to realize the monitoring of the mobile phone of the derailed boyfriend! For more information, you can check

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