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7 Outfits for Every Mood

Why do we wear clothes? An obvious reason is that we can’t go out in public naked, but a more accurate reason is that we turn to clothes to help express our identity. Clothing also plays a big role in enhancing certain feelings like confidence, beauty, and strength, as well as how we experience life. Studies show that when you’re wearing something you look great in, you feel good. And since there are so many different styles and types of clothing out there, chances are that most people view certain articles of clothing as making them feel a certain way while someone else may have a totally different experience. 

To depict this, we put together a style guide that shows you the perfect outfit for every type of feeling you could have throughout the week. You’ll learn about what to wear when you’re feeling nervous or confident and everything in between. These style tips are built on taking advantage of your positive feelings, as well as leveraging negative feelings to create confidence-boosting and comfort-inducing outfits. Hello, body positivity movement! We truly believe that there is an outfit for every mood! No matter what your style is, you can definitely incorporate some of these tips to create outfits that blend seamlessly into the way you’re feeling on any certain day. 


It’s not every day that we feel confident and brave enough to tackle the trends that excite us the most. When you do feel confident, it’s critical to take advantage of your high self-esteem by trying things that fall outside of your comfort zone. 

For example, if you usually stick to monochromatic colors, try bold and brightly colored plus-size babydoll dresses. Whether it’s hot pink wide-leg pants or a split-pattern polka dot and stripe blouse, you’ll feel even more confident once you go through the day with your new look and receive so many compliments. In short, do what scares you when you’re feeling confident! We all have that one outfit tucked away in our closet that we’re saving for a day that we feel comfortable enough to pull it off. 


Are you planning for a big job interview or a special occasion? If your nerves have the best of you right now, turn to styles that you feel the most confident in. For example, this could be an all-black look or a pair of leggings, a cute blouse, and knee-high boots. It all depends on your favorite styles. When you look good, you feel good, so overcoming nervousness with a great outfit is a quick fix to give you a boost of confidence.


Are you trying to adopt a more present lifestyle or trying to go with the flow? If so, you’ll want to wear clothing that moves with your body and works for any and every occasion. If you’re going with the flow more, you never know what the day may bring. If you’re feeling more free-spirited, opt for whimsical dresses or an article of clothing that can work be dressed up or down with a few different styling techniques. 

For example, a midi t-shirt dress can easily be dressed up for the office with a chic blazer and a pair of heels or flats. The dress can also be dressed down for a day of errands or post-gym brunch by throwing on some fashionable sneakers and a sports jacket. No matter what the day has in store, you’re prepared!


If you find yourself feeling afraid to take on the day or you’re feeling down, you’ll want to turn those emotions right around with something sexy. If you plan on lounging around all day, throw on your favorite lingerie instead of sweatpants. Whether you’re doing chores or just watching movies, lounging around in lingerie will make you feel sexy and empowered. 

If you’re heading out, throw on a curve-hugging slip dress. These dresses feel so good up against your skin, and they also look amazing on your curves. You’ll notice your confidence rise as soon as you slide on these pieces. Sometimes, when you’re fearful, it’s comforting to bundle up. You may want to style cute plus-size winter outfits that make you feel cozy and secure.


Have you been ultra-busy with work or are you currently grappling with some challenges? If you’re feeling stressed or maxed-out, you’ll want to turn to comfortable clothing that puts your mind at ease. Don’t just reach for a pair of plus-size lounge pants that is too baggy for your figure; instead, opt for a pair of curve-hugging leggings or a pair of fitted joggers that contour your curves, and throw on a cute bralette or an off-the-shoulder sweater. 

This outfit will remove any stress you feel that is only amplified by wearing restrictive clothing. You can always go back to the basics when you need something simple if you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you need to dress up for the office, opt for an all-black look that you feel confident in.


If you’re currently processing many emotions or you’re feeling sad, you may want to throw on something that will instantly make you feel like a goddess. A bodycon dress is a sexy style that will take your mind off of any sadness you’re currently experiencing. But we’re all about processing and feeling your emotions, so, if you want to channel your sadness in the tune of moody deep, and rich colors like wine or black, go for it! 

Power Trip

If you’re on a power trip or you need to boss up for work, we suggest you channel a powerful suit or a bold blazer that will have all eyes on you. If you need to command attention when you walk into a room, this is the fastest way to do it!

No matter what you’re currently feeling, we love turning to fashion to boost our mood and express and acknowledge our feelings. These styles will help you embrace confidence, overcome fear, and create a style you truly love.