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How Do You Handle the Aftermath of Your Car Accident?

Every year, millions of car accidents happen in the United States. Luckily, the highest percentage comprises only damage to the cars. However, some involve injuries to individuals, some of which are extensively fatal.

If you or anyone close to you is dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, there are steps you can take to ensure your safety. Understanding the factors leaves you in a better position than being in the dark. To help you understand the phases better, here is an overview of what you need to do.

Don’t Run Away from the Scene

Stop once you get involved in an accident. Regardless of how minor the accident looks, never drive away, as that might make the situation worse. Running away makes it look like you are in the wrong, even if you are not.

Take Preliminary Safety Measures

An accident scene has a high potential of causing another misfortune. Observe safety measures by powering on your hazard lights. If it is at night, and your car’s lighting system is not working, use a flashlight to indicate to other road users. You can stay in your car or by the roadside as you wait for help. Warn oncoming vehicles if at all possible.

Call the Police

Even if no injuries occurred, it is prudent to inform the police of any car accident. Among other things, you will need to follow up with the insurance company, so a police report is mandatory. All the vehicles involved in the accident should remain as they are if they are not causing severe traffic confusion.

Write a Precise Record of the Crash

After calling the police, you will need to make a formal report explaining the whole situation. You must be extremely cautious when explaining to ensure that it is as clear as possible. Never leave out any details.

Leave no room for mistakes, speculation, or guesses when recording the statement. It is not uncommon to be unaware of internal injuries after a wreck, so if the police inquire whether you are injured, be factual about it. It is wise to ensure that other individuals give accurate reports as well.

Take Pictures

Pictures serve as perfect evidence of an accident. Be sure to capture all damages on the vehicles involved. Your body injuries should also appear in the images. Take note of the police examination at the scene, and don’t interfere as you take the pictures.

Exchange Contact Information

Usually, as part of police investigations, the cops obtain information about individuals in an accident. It is advisable to get information from the drivers and passengers in the other vehicles. Information about insurance companies is also significant.

Where witnesses exist, take their contacts as well, as that could be important to your car accident lawyer. Obtain a state police report if the accident took place on a state highway. Keep the police report number for references.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company must get the whole story as soon as possible with all the facts. In most cases, the policy states that information should reach the company’s desk immediately, and cooperation should be paramount. Check whether your insurance covers your medical bills, and then follow the required steps.

Get a Medical Checkup

In most cases, injuries from car accidents may not show immediately. It might take a day or two for you to start experiencing pain. It is safe to seek medical attention and let the doctor ascertain whether you are out of danger.

Pursue Legal Rights

After settling every other thing, it is now the right time to seek the services of a car accident lawyer. He or she can protect you in legal matters. It is his work to prevent the destruction of any valuable evidence concerning the accident.


It is one of the most sensitive matters to seek your attorney’s advice on how to acquire compensation from the insurance. Note that the legal representative only gets paid after the insurance company compensates you. In that case, your best chance to get valuable compensation lay with your car accident lawyer.