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Best Places to Visit in Egypt

The land of the ancient wanderers and the home of the famous Pharaohs, Egypt is one of the most exciting destinations someone could visit. The place is full of architectural wonders such as dazzling temples, tombs, and pyramids. Tourists can also visit the famous Red Sea with its coral reefs or take a trip along the Nile River. 

The biggest city in Egypt and, which has risen to a megalopolis. The city is perfect for those who want to experience the busy life of a metropolis. The pyramids are shadowing the capital city of Cairo, the city being built only a few kilometers from them.

Nile Cruising

The Nile has been a matter of life and death throughout Egypt’s history and it can be said for sure that the ancient Egyptian civilization had flourished because of the Nile River. A cruise on this majestic river is one of the most relaxing ways to admire the beauty of the Egyptian wild. The ruins of temples that can be spotted are remembering every one of how majestic they were back in their good days.

The most famous temples tourists can admire are between the routes of Luxor and Aswan. There the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu can be spotted, which are simply stunning. For those of you who prefer more quiet places then the best idea is to take the felucca (traditional lateen-sailed wooden boats from Egypt) on a cruise like the old egyptians did. Please take note that the feluccas are available only for multiple day trips from Aswan.


Speaking of Aswan, tourists will be glad to discover the most tranquil egyptian town. The town itself is set upon the beautiful curves of the Nile River. On the back of the town marvelous orange colored dunes can be observed which give the town a mysterious look. 

Another beautiful place that is close to the town of Aswan is Elephantine Island. Tourists have to take the ferry in order to reach this destination but they will be thrilled at the sight of the beautiful Nubian villages. The dunes which surround the town can be visited by camels which will take tourists to the desert monastery of St. Simeon which is on the East Bank. If all of these are too much for more laid back tourists then the best solution is to enjoy a cup of tea at the riverboat restaurants. The restaurants offer people some of the most fascinating views of the lateen-sailed feluccas that are passing by.

Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are the last of the surviving members of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and they are the most recognizable landmarks from Egypt. The enormous temples left travelers amazed for centuries. The beautiful preserved megaliths memorials are just a throw of the stick away from the capital of Egypt, Cairo.  

The pyramids are in fact tombs of the ancient pharaohs, Cheops (Khufu), Chephren (Khafre) and Mycerinus (Menkaure). The impressive tombs are guarded by the famous and enigmatic Sphinx which is, together with the pyramids, the most visited tourist attraction of Egypt. Being so close to the metropole of Cairo means that the pyramids are one of the most accessible sights to see from Egypt. The merchandise is also plentyfull, from different fridge magnets to clothes and nanoblock toys, tourists can find anything they want.

Luxor’s Karnak Temple (Valley of the Kings)

The Valley of the Kings is probably the most famous place in the country of Egypt. There the whole history reveals itself to the world. Impressive tombs, temples and much more can be admired by the tourists. One of the most famous temples from the Valley of the Kings are Karnak Temple and the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut.

On the East Bank of the Nile tourists can rest in the modern city of Luxor that was an important city in pharaohs times. There are two temples, Luxor and Karnak and a museum which should be visited at all costs. The Valley of the Kings itself is located on the West Bank, and alongside dozens of farmlands and barren cliffs make the biggest open-air museum in the world.


Alexandria is one of the many cities that Alexander the Great founded and is also home of the famous Cleopatra. The city that is close to the sea has a special atmosphere that will take you back in time.  

Nowadays, Alexandria has only few of the historic remnants that reminded passengers of its illustrious history but nonetheless the city still has to offer many good things. The most famous destination is the long seafront Corniche road that leads to a fort that is built on the place where the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria stood upon. 

As days are passing, more and more relieves are discovered by archaeologists underwater, boosting the tourist attractiveness of the city. The city even has a modern replica of the famous Bibliotheca Alexandrina which was one of the most famed libraries from the ancient world.

Egypt has to offer many interesting and unique places to visit. Tourists can spend years and years visiting this fairytale-like country and still not depleting all that it has to offer.