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Call in Locksmith Leeds and other Steps to Take After a Home Burglary

Even if your home in Leeds has the best home security system, it can still be robbed. Door locks and alarms are meant to discourage burglars from entering your premises. Most often that is enough to protect your home, but sometimes it is not. Home burglaries happen more than often, and it can be a very jarring experience and emotionally draining. The trauma of home invasion is more about losing your sense of privacy and safety than it is about losing the stuff. During this panic and feeling of helplessness, the steps you take have a substantial impact on burglars getting arrested and facing justice.

However, keep in mind, not to react in a way that destroys any evidence and it is essential to evaluate your home’s security by calling in Locksmith in Leeds to prevent further home break-ins.
Here are a few steps to take after a burglary.

Contact the Authorities

The first thing that you need to do is, contact the authorities and alert them to what happened. When you walk into your home and get a sense that you have become a victim of home invasion, stay calm and do not make noise. It is essential because at times burglars are still in your home and when you make noise, they get alert and may even harm you. Exit your home immediately and find a safe place to call the authorities in your area. Also, note that do not touch or move anything until the police arrive as it may destroy the evidence.


Find a Place to Hide

This applies to homeowners who might be alerted to the presence of burglar while they are at home. When this happens, find a place to hide in your home and immediately call the police. It is not advisable to engage with burglars as you may not know how many they are, and they can be armed too. So, just hide and wait for the authorities to arrive.

Take Inventory of What is Stolen

Next, make a list of the stolen items, not only for the purpose of insurance claims but also to help police track them down. This step is challenging for many homeowners as they are still in shock of finding that their home was just broken into. Home burglary not only robs personal belongings but also peace of mind. However, it is essential to take inventory. This is because some of the next few emergency steps are dependent on you being able to assess the state of things you lost.

Call your Insurance Company

Once you have filed a police complaint and taken the stock of the items stolen, you need to file your insurance claims. Some insurance companies need proof of ownership such as receipts and online transactions for the lost valuables. Photos or video of your home is very helpful. Other companies may send an adjuster to assess the extent of the damage and evaluate the worth of the stolen goods before they can send any compensation.

Review Your Security Measures

Probably one of the most important emergency step homeowners can take after a break-in is to review their security measures. This is an integral step that will define the future of your home security and safety. Call in emergency Locksmith Leeds to identify the flaws in your home security and speedily work to repair the ones that are damaged. For example, if door locks are damaged during the burglar, they should be repaired or replaced immediately to secure your premises. Locksmiths can also assist you with better home security measures and install higher security door locks as well as work on improving front door security.

Calling an emergency locksmith in Leeds to handle your door lock repairs or to install a new high-security lock should be your top priority.

These are a few steps you need to take immediately after a home burglary. If you face a home invasion and want to assess your security measure or install a secure door lock, call Birmingham Locksmith Pro.