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Top 5 Cannabis Gadgets

Ever since the incredible health benefits of cannabis were revealed and confirmed, the medicinal plant has been taking the world by storm. With mouthwatering edibles easily available and online dispensaries providing convenient purchasing, more and more people are taking advantage of the incredibly impressive benefits that the leafy plant has to offer. Indulging in tasty TCH or CBD edibles and opting for top quality cannabis strands has become increasingly convenient, regardless of where you are in the world.

Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries will even deliver your online order right to your door. What more could you ask for?

Just when we thought the world of weed really couldn’t get any better, the most creative minds in technology have been innovating the herbal plant and improving the ways that we can consume it by bringing us some of the most mind-blowing cannabis gadgets. From grinders to vape devices and everything in between, here are the top 5 cannabis gadgets that are revolutionizing the consumption of cannabis.

#1 Vaporizers

Vaporizers may not exactly be news to the cannabis industry, although, the impressive function of the gadget and the fact that it is one of the safest methods of smoking the plant suggest that it will most likely remain a top cannabis gadget for a long time. Vape pens have become an increasingly popular option for smokers around the world and the fact that they come in an array of charming designs is simply great. The option of smoking THC or CBD oil with a vape pen means less mess grinding up the herbs and far less fuss. This insanely innovative gadget is encouraging convenient consumption and while sizes and designs vary, there truly is something for everyone.

#2 MB2e Machine

If you are a fan of edibles, you will simply love the MB2e machine. Understandably, even those who enjoy tasty cannabis edibles would rather not attempt the tedious and time-consuming process of trying to make cannabutter. Luckily, there is a gadget that can do it for you. This innovative tech gadget will simplify the process of making cannabutter by heating, stirring, and steeping for you with the push of two buttons and you can decide what to do with it.


Rolling a cone joint is by no means a simple task, even if some smokers have mastered the art, evenly packing the crushed herbs into a cone required a certain amount of know-how. However, thanks to technology you may not have to acquire the rolling skills necessary to enjoy a cone joint. The OTTO gadget is a device that acts as a grinder and a filer. The all-in-one gadget was designed to roll perfect cones for you, no mess and no fuss. While the concept of this gadget truly is revolutionary, it is also easy to clean and disassemble.

#4 Nova Decarboxylator

Here is another must-have gadget for lovers of edibles. As previously mentioned, making cannabutter is no simple task, especially if you are not entirely sure how it is done. The most crucial part of making cannabutter is decarboxylation, which can be quite an intimidating step in the process considering that if it is not done properly, the THC will simply remain inactive. To prevent stress and potential error, you can turn to the Nova Decarboxylator. This gadget will basically ensure that your edibles are effective and all you will have to do is drop your raw cannabis stash into the gadget and press a button. It really could not get any more simple. The gadget will activate the buds for you to use later.

#5 Source Turbo

Source Turbo is a dream come true for those who love making their own cannabis extracts. This gadget will help you make incredible extractions at home in just three simple steps. While you will still have to bath your buds in either alcohol or ethanol and then strain the liquids to get rid of the plant matter and excess residue, the Source Turbo gadget will handle things thereafter. Simply pour into the gadgets reservoir cup and press the button. If that doesn’t impress you, the gadget can also be connected to a Bluetooth app that will help you monitor the temperature, vacuum levels, and the altitude.

The Incredible Technology Of Weed Apps

There is no denying how impressive the cannabis gadgets are. However, technology seems to have every aspect of consuming even more convenient. There is not only amazing and unbelievable gadgets available, but there are tons of weed apps available that will simply blow your mind. With apps like Leafly that will actually help you get high by locating all the nearest dispensaries, basically acting as the ultimate weed directory, other apps like Hi There will connect you will like-minded and laid back individuals as the cannabis consumers perfect dating app.