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Few Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Leather Jacket in Their Wardrobe

You need thorough planning for setting up a perfect wardrobe, which is also pricey. But clothes wear out eventually, which needs to be replaced from time to time. What doesn’t wear out and can be passed out to your next generation as a legacy is leather apparel? While an exquisite leather jacket can brighten up your wardrobe it can also be considered an investment for generations to come. And it’s vital to choose the perfect leather jacket that is genuine and durable for years to come. Let’s dig deep into the tips to choose the perfect leather jacket.

A leather jacket is so versatile that it can fit with a pair of denim or even your bell-bottoms and keep adding grace even with age. Choosing a leather jacket that fits your budget and also adds to your looks requires some effort. We have pinned a few questions that will help you with your search for a perfect yet genuine leather jacket

The first question is why choose a leather jacket?

Leather jackets are durable: if you treat your leather jacket well, it will last for decades, and it can even outlive you. It can be pricy but if seen through the eyes of longevity it is less expensive than any other garment in your wardrobe.

Leather jackets protect you: leather jackets are a second skin hence are preferred most by bikers and motorcyclists. Though it cannot save you from the worst scrapes at least it can protect you from minor cuts and wounds. Furthermore, these jackets are naturally waterproof resistance.

Leather jackets are timeless: These leather jackets along with their durability are also timeless and never out of fashion. It can be worn by any age and with any outfit. Such versatility of leather jackets makes it a go-to option for men’s leather jackets  as well women leather jackets.

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So before you choose a leather jacket here are a few tips that you should know.

How To Choose Your Leather Jacket?

Choosing the leather jacket depends upon what suits your body or what kind of look you want. You can choose between a myriad of options such as bomber jackets, biker jackets, racer jackets, or jackets that are studded. Each style has its own unique character and look. While bomber jackets could be used for more warmth and casual wear biker jackets are more fitted. Jackets that are studded have a different look and feel. 

One can also choose to wear fatigue-style jackets that are long or choose quilted jackets to add more warmth.

How To Understand The Fit Of A Leather Jacket?

A perfectly fit leather shouldn’t be too loose as it will fall off from the shoulders and not too tight that easily pinches the skin. You should have enough room for a sweatshirt or a sweater that you would want to pair below the leather jacket. Also if you choose to wear a hoodie, make sure that your leather jacket provides enough space for your hoodie. 

So it is always advisable to buy a leather jacket after wearing your sweater, hoodie, or sweatshirt to avoid any fit issues later.

How To Check The Quality Of The Leather?

Here is what you need to look for when you search for the finest yet highest quality leather jacket. 

The grain of the leather is the biggest determining factor for the quality. You can choose between the full grain and the top grain.

∙€Full grain: Here the leather is taken from the whole hide of the animal which includes the outer layer as well as the inner layer. This is the unaltered form of leather where the natural skin pattern of the animal is still visible. So these jackets have scars, blemishes, and scuffs on their top which is the natural occurrence of the bearer’s journey.

∙€Top Grain:  This is the most common form and the preferred form of leather where the top skin is removed from the full-grain leather and is smoothened off to give more appeal. This is a comparatively more thin, comfortable, and more pliant form of leather.

Topstitching:  The top stitch of the leather jacket differentiates it from its cheaper counterparts. Look for the beautiful stitchery on the top or at the side of the jacket. This makes the leather look more appealing and classy.

Lining: the lining of the leather jacket decides how long your jacket will last as low-cost lining or synthetic lining falls off the first. To look for the best quality jacket look at sleeves and body lining, the best leather has the best lining too.

Armholes: The armholes of the jacket should be placed higher in the jacket for better insulation and better movement of the arm. Armholes that are below restricted arm movement causing discomfort.

Zippers:  A perfect zipper enhances the look of the jacket. The authentic leather jacket can be understood by its zipper.

Leather jackets are assets for men and women both. It may be a little heavy on your pocket but considering its versatility you can always give it a shot. You can also avail of discounts now if you order from nycleatherjackets