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7 Best Kitchen Design and Layout Ideas

When it comes to choosing the design and the layout for your kitchen, it is essential that you get it right. Given the hike in property prices, most people are purchasing smaller houses and chances are that you are no exception. So you cannot opt for the first aesthetically pleasing design and layout pattern that you come across. Instead, you need to choose a design and layout pattern that is clever, highly functional and one which works best for you. Just check out a few ideas to get a better idea of what’s available.

  • Small kitchen with additional storage: If you are limited on space, then you should check out this interesting small kitchen design and layout pattern as well. It maximizes the use of valuable space with certain gadgets being ‘tucked’ away in storage drawers – such as a microwave. It comes with a color palette of black and white tiles along with a wooden countertop and lots of storage cabinets, drawers and large bay windows that open just above the sink. Just search online for kitchen in splashbacks for innovative ideas and features that you can use in your kitchen.
  • Modern kitchen: You can also check out the modern design and the layout pattern that it comes with. It comes with all the gadgets fully integrated with the rest of the room. It also has a small wooden countertop and the overall finish is sleek, modern and contemporary as you might expect. Google search for kitchen splashbacks and you should see some great design styles that you can utilize for your kitchen
  • Minimalistic: If you love minimalistic designs, then you would probably love this. The overall effect is as minimalistic as it can be – with most of the gadgets ‘tucked away’ you get to save up on valuable space. You get to increase the floor space in your kitchen and that’s something you would prefer.
  • Café: Think café and you will get an idea of what this design is all about. If your kitchen space is limited, very limited – then this design and layout pattern should be one of your top picks. It comes with recessed shelves and drawers, wooden countertop as well as splashbacks. It also features integrated gadgets along with black and white tile patters. The overall effect is more like a café’s kitchen, slim but highly functional.
  • One wall: One of the interesting thing about this kitchen design is the fact that you can fit your kitchen to one wall. With splashback tiles on one wall and a small countertop, with the range right there along with the sink – you should be able to fit all to one side. The point is that you can also use the rest of the room for another purpose and even convert it into a mini dining area.
  • Living room kitchen: This particular design and layout would make more sense, especially if your whole home is rather small. The best thing about this kitchen is that it allows you to convert a room into a kitchen as well as a living room area.
  • Eclectic design: If you happen to love things that are a tad old fashioned then you may want to go for this particular kitchen design and layout pattern. It comes with bricks on one side of the kitchen with splashback tiles on the other, with a traditional sink featured. It also features a black granite countertop which reflects the white cabinets perfectly. It is just the sort of look you would want for your kitchen. But what stands out in this kitchen design is the clever use of space so that no part of the kitchen is wasted. Check it out,

These are some of the interesting best kitchen design and layout ideas that you would want to check out in detail. Choosing a design and layout pattern for your kitchen can be quite overwhelming but with these top-ranked designs and layout patterns listed here, you should soon be able to choose the right one for your kitchen.