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The Supreme Brand in A Nutshell

As one of the most popular, most successful brands in the world today, James Jebbia’s Supreme has a success story that will shock many. Started in 1994, this small independent skate store would become a multi-billion-dollar company 25 years down the line. A beacon of streetwear across the globe with millions of dedicated fans.

With a host of fresh collaborations every year, and amazing drops each season, this is a brand that’s not likely to be forgotten soon. Rather, we should expect even greater things to come.

Here’s a quick roundup of what Supreme is and what has led to its success story:

Popular Models & Collaborations with Supreme

Supreme is known for its collaborations with some of the most popular models and names in the world. In the past quarter-century, the brand has worked with big names, especially in its clothing collaborations.

The purpose of this excerpt is to give you a more retrospective look at how these collaborations have pushed Supreme to be the brand that it is today.

1. Supreme and Stone Island – 2014

This is one of Supreme’s most popular and most successful collaborations with a popular name and brand. Stone Island, the brainchild of classic designer Mossimo Osti, started what would be one of the leading Italian fashion brands. Supreme sought the opportunity and collaborated with Stone Islands at that time. But this would not be the pair’s last collaboration.

Supreme and Stone Island have released several franchises with delicate Supreme touches, which have become some of the brand’s biggest hits. From hooded sweatshirts to Raso Gommato Jacket and even crewnecks, franchises from this collaboration sell out almost immediately after every drop.

2. Supreme and Nike SB Dunk – 2002

Supreme has also worked with Nike on its SB Dunk. This collaboration also helped Nike to break into the skateboarding world since Supreme was already a successful brand on this front.
Supreme used the elephant print of the Air Jordan 3 on two Nike SB Dunks. The Dunks had a moment and was really successful, which also put Supreme on the sneaker-head map. And the rest is history.

3. Supreme Mike Tyson Photo – 2007

As one of the biggest names in the sporting industry, having a Mike Tyson photo on any product is a big deal and a promise of massive sales. And Supreme capitalized on this. After all, it doesn’t get any better than having a Mike Tyson wear a Supreme box logo tee in a promotion video.

A close-up of the former world heavyweight champion with his tribal tattooed face on a Supreme t-shirt would be hard to forget. 13 years later, and the Mike Tyson Supreme collaboration still ranks as one of the most coveted knockout t-shirts to date.

4. Supreme and Louis Vuitton Trunk – 2017

This is probably the most expensive Supreme item on this list. But one that’s worth every penny. The 2017 collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton made history and has pushed the brand to even greater heights. Louis Vuitton is a force to reckon with, especially when it comes to streetwear. And this collaboration should help to get Supreme an even greater following.

The collaboration marked a full-circle moment in the fashion industry, something that seldom happens. The custom Supreme and Louis Vuitton branding easily ranks it as one of the slickest items on the list.

Supreme Drops

A Supreme drop is a huge deal, especially for avid fanatics who want a piece of every drop the brand makes. As an iconic streetwear, Supreme has amassed a cult-like following across the globe with artists, skaters, and collectors who can’t always wait to try the brand’s latest drops.

Trying to get your hands on Supreme’s merchandise is a hassle itself. Most of the brand’s merchandise sell out almost immediately after they are released.

Supreme drops are those critical dates when the brand releases new stocks for potential purchasers. The brand makes drops weekly, almost always on Thursdays at 11am. Collections launch through a large Supreme in-store drop, which is followed by an online release.

How to Buy Supreme Using Bots and Proxies

When it comes to getting your hands on new Supreme merchandise, the early bird catches the worm. There’s no other way around it, especially when it comes to sneakers and other popular footwear. These can sell out in mere seconds after their release time.

Eventually, buying becomes a lot more difficult, and there’s an online war about who will cop the limited-edition sneakers. As a result, many Supreme enthusiasts use bots and proxies to get the best products before they are sold out. Proxies help to complete the checkout process a lot faster than anyone who’s doing it manually. Therefore, using a proxy gives you an upper edge.

Supreme Bots and Proxies

Most Supreme merch enthusiasts are always looking to cop more than just one product. And a good Supreme bot and proxy is one of the surest ways of getting more, if not all, off your desired products. Some of the best proxies to get limited edition sneakers that you can use in the Supreme bots include Supercopbot and ForceCop. There are many other Supreme proxies that you can use as well. An important note is to ensure that your proxies are optimized for Supreme for the best results.

Bottom Line

It’s evident that Supreme has some of the best custom items of all time. And this is evident in the massive following and sales the brand makes each year. The contents in this excerpt are only a culmination of everything that Supreme is and the journey that is yet to come.

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