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Demystifying The Most Popular Online Slots With Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slot games are one of the most popular online slots these days. These online slots are connected to one another via several servers. That means it doesn’t matter in which casino the players play the slot games; the jackpot is the same everywhere.

A portion of all the players’ stakes in this game flows into the jackpot, which increases it relatively quickly. I have selected the best slot machines with a progressive jackpot for you and compiled them in the following lines. The information on the jackpots is of course from the jackpots’ status at the time of writing.

Mega Moolah

  • Biggest jackpot payout: 18 million euros
  • Average period: every 5 weeks
  • Average payout: 5 million payout
  • Average daily increase: approx. 140 thousand euros

Mega Fortune

  • Biggest jackpot payout: 17 million euros
  • Average period: every 2 months
  • Average payout: 5 million euros
  • Average daily increase: approx. 82 thousand euros

Gladiator jackpot

  • Biggest jackpot payout: 4 million euros
  • Average period: every 2 months
  • Average payout: 1.5 million euros
  • Average daily increase: EUR 24.5 thousand

Advantages and disadvantages of online slots

Some people are skeptical when it comes to playing slot machines online instead of in a physical casino. Why? Well, these people don’t believe, among other things, that online slots can deliver the same thrill as slot machine games in a physical casino. I am afraid I have to disagree!

That real kick isn’t the only benefit of slot machines on your computer or slot mobile.


  • Slot machine games generally have higher payout rates online than slot machines in arcades or in a casino. Most online slots have a payout rate of + 96%, which is particularly generous compared to slots in smaller gaming halls or bars. Some online even offer a payout of up to 98%!
  • You don’t even have to get out of bed. Thanks to online slots, you can play for as long or as short as you like in your pajamas.
  • It is often possible to try the online slot games in demo versions that do not require you to spend any money. This is great because it gives you a chance to figure out the game before investing any money in it. In a “real” casino, all you have to do is hope that you enjoy the game!
  • When you go to a real casino, there are always going to be some unforeseen extras. So you have to pay for the parking space or the entrance fee. It is also customary to tip the staff if they win. At an online casino, registration is free, credit card fees are minimal, and there are no hidden costs. From an economic point of view, online casinos are a much better business for you than real casinos and gambling halls!
  • Computers are fantastic and can store almost unlimited amounts of information. In a real casino, there is only as much space for slot machine games as the surface allows, but in online casinos, there is practically unlimited storage space. This means that more games are available – and there is no queuing in front of the good machines!


  • Winnings in the online casino are not paid out immediately. In the case of very large winnings, the payout can take several months.
  • Although you can look forward to slots with bonuses and free spins in almost all online casinos, these are often linked with high conditions.
  • The atmosphere of a real land-based casino cannot be experienced in the online casino.
  • Since the online casino is open at all times, it harbors the risk of playing too much due to the fun of the game and possibly investing too much money in the game’s fun.

Slot machine strategy

Slot machines work randomly! You can be sure that there is no strategy that can guarantee you more wins or higher payouts. Nonetheless, using strategies can add a lot of tension to your game!
The slot company Elk Entertainment has several preprogrammed strategies available in their games so that you don’t have to do anything manually to apply a slot strategy – you can just choose which one you want, press the Auto Play button and let go!

Elk didn’t just develop these strategies according to his own ideas. Rather, they have studied the habits of thousands of regular users of their machines and developed strategies that mimic the players’ behavior.

For this reason, the strategy settings built into Elk Entertainments contain some of the most popular strategies for slot players – and of course you don’t have to be playing with Elk Games to use them.

The four strategies you will find in Elk’s online slots are:

1. Optimizer

Here you regulate the percentage (1-6% percent) of your entire gaming budget. The formula for this strategy is as follows: 2-1-2-3-3-3-5-6. After that, just run the cycle again.

2. Leveler

With this strategy, you will double your bet after five consecutive losses. If you win, start over.

3. Booster

With the booster strategy, you increase your stake by one step after a loss until you reach your original stake four times. If you win, start over.

4. Jumper

With this strategy, you increase your stake by one level for every win until you are four levels above your original stake.

The bet is reset after a loss.

Personally, I like my bets to vary between rounds because I feel like I rarely get two wins in a row. Basically, I play 4 or 5 rounds at a much lower stake after making a significant profit, and then make a couple of bigger stakes again. In this way, my strategy is somewhat reminiscent of the “leveler” mentioned above.

Sometimes I also find it exciting to place a really big bet just for the kick. I know the chances of success are slim, but the rush is enormous when it is successful!

Most popular games developers of slot machines

There are many different game developers who specialize in the slot machine market. You can’t really say in general which ones are the best, as that also depends on your own taste. The best-known game manufacturers include the online slot machines from Merkur, Novoline, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming.

Merkur has already made a name for itself in land-based casinos, as has Novoline, albeit under the name Novomatic.

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