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How to Wear a Leather Vest for Men

Leather vest is an ageless and timeless trend. Motorcycle vest are same as leather jackets but they done have sleeves. It made its place in fashion world same as leather jacket does. Leather vest is made from hide of cow, sheep, calf, or goat. Leather vest puts no burden on the wearer and arms and shoulders feel proper ventilation. Motorcycle vest comes in different colors, stuff, and designs. It can be worn as casual as well as formal wear. You can style it in myriad ways. 

Leather from the Historical View

Leather jackets are for full coverage and body protection but leather vest is for partial coverage. It covers the core of the body and leaves the arms for lighter clothes. In the history of leather vest, there is a story. A century ago, AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) stated an issue that 1% of the outlaw bikers are not agreed to wear leather jacket. Those 1% motorcyclists preferred motorcycle vest than leather jackets. Since then, this fashion trends now. This vest gain popularity among the youngsters and bikers in late 1960s. Most of them shifted to leather vest. Then it became habit of youngsters to wear motorcycle vest on t-shirts and dress shirts. After a decade, this trend became popular not only as leather vest for men but also leather vest for women. Even now, men and women equally follow this fashion trend. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Leather Vest?

When leather vest was introduced, it wasn’t popular as a fashion icon but a lighter cardigan to wear than a typical heavy leather jacket. The specialty of a motorcycle vest for men is that it covers the core of the body with ventilation. It neither heat up nor overload one’s body. During chilly seasons, it is ideal to wear because of the leather stuff. It keeps the body warm and covered during the winter. It saves the chest from the chilly breezes. It can also be wore in the summers but the ideal season to wear it is early winters. During early winters or the autumn, the weather is cool enough to wear a jacket and also warm enough to not wear a leather jacket. For that purpose, a leather vest is ideal as it is light in weight and keeps your core warm but arms slightly cool. It sets your body at ideal temperature at which you feel comfortable and you don’t feel the urge to remove the leather vest. 

How To Style a Motorcycle Vest?

Leather vest for men can be styled in countless ways. First of all, you need to decide whether you want to wear it as a formal wear or as a casual wear. Then it comes to styling. If you are willing to wear it as a casual wear, you can design it in three ways. Firstly, wear a white bottom-down shirt with black motorcycle vest and then style it with black pants and boots. Secondly, wear a black dress shirt and then design it with a brown leather vest for men. Lastly, wear a t-shirt with black leather vest and boots or sneakers for a youthful appearance. Another youthful getup is to style a dichromatic sweatshirt with black leather vest for men. Style it with pair of sneakers or boots to appear younger and active. 

Leather vest for men can be easily styled in a way suitable for office setup. You can style a dark leather vest with black shirt and pants with shoes to appear sheik. The more you play with the styling, the amazing it will look. There are endless ways of styling leather vest. Not only for men but also for women, leather vest has myriad styling ways that look trending in both summers and winters. 

Characteristics Of a Good Leather Vest

While buying a leather vest for men, look for few things into it. Either you choose leather vest or leather jacket, the purpose of both is to keep the core of the body warm. While choosing a leather vest, check whether it is warm or not. If it keeps you warm, only then buy it. Secondly, see the layering of the leather vest. Leather vests have minimum two layers in them. Then depending upon your requirements, choose the number of pockets in the leather vest for accommodating your accessories in it. Fitting of a leather vest is also very important. Neither a loose leather vest looks good nor does a skit fit leather vest appear nice. Choose a leather vest that best fits your body. Lastly, leather vest should be versatile and light-weight so that it can be carried easily in summers too. Look for all the above things in a leather vest while making a purchase.