Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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Solar Panels are in Style: Aesthetics of Renewable Power

For years people around the country have been complaining about the look of solar panels. They would say they’re ugly, too big, and attention-grabbing. That was until a few years ago when Elon Musk announced solar paneled roofs that were modern, chic, and appealing. Since then solar panels have changed, becoming more aesthetically pleasing and incognito. If you want your solar panels to be completely hidden, you can now have that. But if you want to show off your eco-friendly property, you can do so in a classy, stylish way.

Tesla’s Roofs

The Tesla roofs designed by Elon Musk are made of textured glass tile and are integrated with solar cells that are hydrographically printed. Each tile is unique. You can choose different versions of these panels, with the options of textured glass tile, slate glass tile, smooth glass tile, and Tuscan glass tile. Tesla claims that these solar-paneled roof tiles are even more durable than conventional roofing. It is hard to argue that they aren’t appealing.

Solar Panel Blinds

According to the experts at the site MoneyPug, which is known as an energy comparison site, another brand new solar panel option is to have your blinds made with them inside. This way, you can keep out bright sunlight when you want to while the blinds themselves soak up every last bit of energy from the Sun. After Tesla announced their roofing option, many people had their eyes opened to just how easy it is to make products with solar panels inside. Whether it’s a roof, a door, or blinds, you have an option to produce energy with them.

Underside Panels

As it turns out, you don’t even need to have the panels directly on the roof to produce energy from them. Semmes & Co. have built panels on the underside of roofing with modules that light the light through. Not only are they gorgeous, they increase efficiency through each panel as light reflects through them to produce energy. Light passing through the modules creates a stylish, open feel that blends well with coastal architectural design.

Planning to build a veranda in front of your porch? You can add solar panels to produce green energy and provide shade. These panels will absorb solar rays and transform it into electricity and parapet roofing makes the veranda into a beautiful piece of modern patio design.

Smart Flowers

Modern home design is even infiltrating the garden. There is a new phenomenon people are calling the Smart Flower, although it doesn’t have to be in the floral shape. Imagine a flower coming out of the ground that isn’t biological, but technological. Solar paneled aesthetics go beyond function, they can be stylish and provide the function of producing energy.

This product was created with the attempts to make solar energy more attractive, but also simpler. The Smart Flower consists of a central cabinet that contains an inverter and batteries. Several petal-shaped panels fan out during the hours when the Sun is out. They fold together at night, and the “flower” goes into the ground.

It is an all-in-one system with easy installation. It can be set up on your property in a single day, making it a great alternative to roofing panels if you can’t afford to put in an entirely new roof. The biggest advantage of this technology is that has the possibility of all day efficiency. While roofing receives peak energy at peak Sun times, these paneled flowers are at their most effective every moment they are getting sunlight.

Solar Glass

If you prefer a glass façade instead of walls, you can install glass with solar panels inside. Wherever you have glass that sees the Sun, you can use these panels to both take in energy and keep out bright light. It doesn’t matter where you live, the sunlight will produce energy in glass on the outside of the home.

There are many options for solar paneling that both elegant and efficient. such as the backyard revolution solar panels. You don’t have to choose one, you can produce energy while making your home look more beautiful than ever. Find the right designers and products and you will be living in a gorgeous eco-friendly home before you know it.

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