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6 Reasons You Need an Aluminum Fence for Your Pool

So, you finished your pool and you’re excited to start using it for the summer. But the contractor or local code enforcers are telling you need to install a fence? It’s understandable, you may think the fence could ruin the aesthetic of your new pool and you’ve just spent all of this money installing the pool—you’re wondering: do I really need to install a pool fence?

The short answer: Yes. 

Here’s why…

1. It’s the Law

In most places, state law or local ordinances require at least some kind of pool fence, with specs varying depending on your location. Pennsylvania, New York State, and Ohio require pools to be fenced on all sides with at least 48-inch pool fencing. 

Local code may expand on this, so its important to check local laws before installation. Professional installers and contractors are the experts when it comes to local code, so it’s best to consult professionals like those at before spending money on a fence that may not be up to code.

2. To Avoid Accidents

Accidental injury and drowning can result when the right precautions aren’t taken into account around any pool or body of water. In fact, drowning is the number one cause for unintentional deaths of children between one and four years old. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are on average 390 deaths a year attributed to drowning in a swimming pool or spa. And aluminum pool fencing is by far the best option when it comes to durability and longevity.

You can mitigate the risks by assuring unattended or curious children can’t wander into your pool with the appropriate fencing. A variety of safety measures can be taken including taller fencing, gate locks or latches, and proper installation. Fencing experts can advise what solutions may be best for you, even if you don’t have children. 

3. Protect Pets and Wildlife

Curious children aren’t the only ones often drawn to pools. Wild animals and pets also can wander into your pool without appropriate barriers. Whether you have animals, live in a neighborhood where others have pets, or want to avoid wildlife such as skunks, chipmunks, mice, squirrels, lizards, frogs, ducks or other birds, deer, bears, or any other larger wildlife from wandering into your pool. A curious animal can quickly turn into a tragic accident that could have been avoided with the proper barriers.

Not to mention, small animals like small rodents, lizards, and frogs can cause damage to pool equipment if caught in filters, skimmers, or jets. The last thing you want to be doing on the weekend is cleaning out the remnants of an unfortunate animal that was caught in your pool. 

Depending on your location suburban, urban, or rural – or if you have pets there will be different solutions to mitigate the risks involved with animals and pools. You can contact local fence installers for aluminum fence installation to make sure your pool is free of pets and wildlife.

4. Your Liability

Even if you don’t have children or pets and live in an area with relatively little wildlife, having a pool is still a liability. The only thing more expensive than installing and maintaining that pool is a lawsuit because you decided to skimp on safety fencing and an accident occurred. Adults often can be just as prone to accidents as children and animals. And unfortunately, there will always be people willing to exploit an opportunity to file a lawsuit be it frivolous or not. Installing an up to code, safe, sturdy aluminum pool fence protects you from liability should an accident occur. 

5. Keep Out Intruders

A pool without a fence could be an invitation to others who want to trespass and use your pool while they know you aren’t home. You worked hard to afford the pool and you want to maintain and protect it just like any other expensive item or property. 

Sturdy, professionally installed aluminum pool fencing prevents the neighborhood teenagers from making your pool their spot for a party while you’re away on vacation. Not only could you be liable if an accident happened (like we discussed) and proper fencing wasn’t in place, but you could wind up cleaning up a mess left behind by your uninvited guests.

6. Design and Aesthetic

Pool fencing isn’t just for safety, the right fence can add the finishing touch to your new outdoor feature. Aluminum pool fencing comes in a variety of styles that can set the mood for your outdoor space. You’ve spent the money to design your new pool to your liking, invest in a fence that adds to it’s aesthetic appeal instead of going with the cheapest option. 

When choosing your aluminum pool fence, you want expert consultation to assure your fence is sturdy, up to code, and meshes with the aesthetic of your yard. is a good place to get your first free quote.