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Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


  • Are you looking to remodel your bathroom but do not want to commit some glaring mistakes, which can lead to additional costs?
  • Do you know how you can optimize the process so as to ensure the project gets completed within a specific time-frame?
  • Have you listened to what some of the leading names in the world of interior design and décor are saying regarding the same?

Many people have the impression that a bathroom remodeling project is something, which is easy to execute. However, according to interior designers, not paying attention to the renovation can lead you to incur serious financial costs.

When it comes to any sort of renovation, planning is the key. Without proper planning, you are likely to be dictated by the contractor or designer. This means that you always stand the risk of overshooting your budget and timelines.

In this article, we are going to look at the top bathroom remodel mistakes. We are also going to help by offering solutions to help prevent the occurrence of the mistakes.

List of Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Compromising on Quality and Work Finish-

There is a tendency among many families and individuals to invest in good looking bathroom furniture. While the aesthetics are no doubt important, people should also look to invest in the quality of the fitments in the bathroom.

If they are not durable or functional, then you are likely to face frustration. This might force you to again change them within a year. Hence, it is best if people invest in high-quality fittings, which are not only functional in nature but also long-lasting and durable.

2. Not Fixing a Detailed Budget at the start-

Like any renovation work, fixing budgets is critical to the success of any bathroom remodeling work. This is where being thorough regarding the quotation of the different vendors becomes very important. Having a clear budget is like a roadmap to prevent extra expenditure.

It is very easy to get derailed and end up spending double on your original budget if you are not proceeding in a planned manner. Take into consideration the service cost, labor charges, and proceed accordingly to avoid redecoration mistakes.

3. Going Easy on the Timelines-

Experts suggest that every contractor or designer would want the project to drag as it would lead to additional income. However, people must get a written timeline and completion period for their bathroom renovation right at the very start.

This will not only allow you to save on all the extra costs in terms of the wages but also give you peace of mind. Having workers at your home for anything more than a month can be a harrowing experience for anyone.

4. Working with Multiple Vendors-

One contractor for the painting, another one for the plumbing, and a third one for the styling! People who run into bathroom renovation issues often do something very similar to the above statement. The key is to work with one vendor/designer who will take care of everything.

This helps in preventing the emergence of the famous ‘blame games’ and allows the work to proceed in an orderly coordinated fashion. This is one area where people should not look to cut corners, for they might end up spending a whole lot extra.

5. Complete Overhauls-

Every designer would want you to do as much work as possible in the bathroom. However, if you are smart you will know what needs changing and what is working perfectly alright. This will allow you to speed up the renovation and save on unnecessary expenditures.

If your fittings are working fine, they might just need a little polish to shine once again. You do not need to end up spending thousands on a new one. Fix priorities and see what you need to change and invest in.

The Final Word

When it comes to a bathroom remodel project, the devil really lies in the details! You should move ahead in a planned manner and look to avoid the above-mentioned five mistakes at all costs. Can you add value to the article by mentioning some more mistakes, which unsuspecting people should look to avoid? Drop them down in the comments section below.