Monday, April 19, 2021

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These Are the Health Benefits of Cannabis

Medical cannabis has had use in medicine for thousands of years.

Ancient civilizations used this plant medicine, and now today, more and more places around the world are investing in research and investigating its best use cases.

If you are wondering what the benefits of cannabis are, then keep on reading.

Pain Relief

Though the research is new, there are a variety of studies that assure that cannabis can relieve pain.

This occurs between interaction with the receptors in our brain and cannabis. Moreover, cannabis is a known anti-inflammatory, which can assist in easing our swelling and physical reactions to pain.

Specifically, cannabis’ derivative, CBD, can be beneficial in treating inflammatory issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and more.

This anti-inflammatory property also moves over to various other types of pain; for example, studies suggest that cannabis may assist in pain management with migraines, arthritis, and more.

Better Sleep

Many studies suggest that cannabis can be beneficial in better sleep.

This is due to the evidence that cannabis may be an aid in helping with anxiety, a common issue that can affect one’s quality of sleep.

Additionally, one of cannabis’ most sought-after effects is its ability to relax a user, another factor that may contribute to better sleep.

There is more research that needs conduction; however, what we know maybe a positive correlation between cannabis and better sleep.

Emotional Health

Though the research is new, cannabis may be beneficial in treating anxiety and depression and, overall, possibly improving mental health.

This is due to cannabis’ properties and their interaction with our brains.

As previously mentioned, cannabis can also assist in producing better sleep as the link between proper sleep and anxiety is very much well-known. If you don’t have good quality sleep, you may be feeling worse emotionally, and if you feel worse emotionally, you may not get the sleep you need.

Cannabis can help preserve serotonin in our brains, a chemical that helps with our mood. Little evidence proofs that cannabis increases serotonin, but that research may evolve.

Cannabis Can Help Growth

Though the research is still new, there are new suggestions like cannabis; specifically, marijuana may assist in hair growth.

Cannabis assisting in growth is due to its aforementioned anti-inflammatory properties, which can correlate with hair loss. Moreover, cannabis can also help with plant growth. If your plant’s roots need some nutrients, individuals have suggested cannabis as a Hydroguard alternative.

Reduces Seizures

One of the major catalysts for cannabis studies included its use as an effective treatment of seizures.

Just recently, in January 2020, the FDA-approved the first CBD epilepsy treatment, Epidiolex. As the research becomes more and more widespread, there may be more medicines and studies appearing for various other seizure treatments using cannabis.

The Benefits of Cannabis

All in all, the research in cannabis is pointing to some impressive results. The benefit of cannabis seems to expand, and as more study goes into it, the more likely cannabis will become more mainstream in modern medicine.

If you want to learn more about cannabis, explore our website for more information.

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