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5 Famous Foods in Italy You need to Try when You are There

Italy is a beautiful country and is among the top ten destinations in the list of tourists, especially those tourists who are die-hard food lovers. If you are going to visit Italy, you can just cherish and enjoy the delicious cuisines with the amazing aroma of herbs and olive oil. The variety of Italian food is unique, traditional and every bit of blissful. Here, is the list of 5 top Italian foods that you must not miss if you are going there.


1. Pizza

We can enjoy pizza anywhere in the world. But no country can beat the bona fide taste of pizza you get in Italy. The traditional Italian pizza is a thin crust pizza with mesmerizing flavors and heavenly taste. Italy is the place from where pizza is originated, so obviously, you get to taste the authentic flavors of their special sauces, Italian spices, seasonings and different types of cheese. It may sound simple and lackluster because, for all of us, pizza has become a regular cuisine to try but trust me, trying the roman palate will make you fall in love with the cuisine.

2. Lasagna

Lasagna is one of the most tempting Italian dishes that is loved by all and enjoyed throughout the world. The mouth-watering dish lasagna has many versions, and each layer of lasagna is filled with authentic flavors of Italy. The main ingredients used to prepare lasagna are a homemade sauce, the pureed vegetables, traditional béchamel sauce, and noodles; they are combined together so well to form delicious layers of taste. Italy is the only place in the world where you can get the taste of actual smooth textured lasagna with authentic and traditional ingredients.

3. Artisans Food

Artisan food is food produced using traditional methods by skilled food artisans. The Italian artisan food reflects the authentic taste of Italian dishes made in an old-fashioned way that any food lover would definitely appreciate. Indeed, the Italians are famous for their passion to preserve their culinary tastes and traditions. These days, food importers like Gianetti Artisans Italian Food can offer you the real authentic taste of Italy with the best quality artisan food. It is hand made with time-honored methods and processes and is of the highest quality. However, it cannot compare to the amazing experience of savoring these artisan dishes in the heart of Italy itself!

4. Risotto

Risotto is a delicious cuisine that you can find in most of the cities of Italy, but if you are going to visit Venice, then you must try this toothsome popular food. A Risotto can be prepared with many variations. With different seasons, you can taste a seasonal dish like summer risotto, spring risotto, etc. where you can get to enjoy the aroma of the seasonal vegetable like asparagus. Out of all varieties available, Mushroom, saffron-infused and seafood risotto is the specialty of Venice.

5. Focaccia

If you are visiting Italy, you will definitely get to taste a variety of bread out there, but the most tempting and the amazing one is the traditional bread that is baked regularly in locals for breakfast. You must try Focaccia bread to try the actual taste of Italian baking. No matter where you are staying, you must put an effort to taste the different varieties available that Italy’s healthy baking culture is offering. In Italy, Liguria is the place which is famous worldwide for flatbread focaccia. It is flavored with salt and olive oil and tastes simply awesome.<

These are the most delightful delicacies of Italy that everyone should try if they get a chance to visit there. Obviously, all of us know that Italian food is something, every one of us craves for. We can easily get Italian delicacies anywhere in the world but to taste the genuine flavors, you must visit the place from where the taste is originated.