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How Has Home Automation Improved in 2020?

As 2020 comes to a close, it is time to look at the ways in which home automation improved this year. In fact, by the start of 2021, almost one-third of all homes have “smart” integrations, such as in a home theatre. This market will only continue to grow as technology improves. Below, we list some of the most recent improvements as provided by the pros at smartSPACE Home Automation, options you now have literally at your fingertips.

Whole-Home Integrations

The demand is growing for whole-home smart systems that provide voice and fingertip access to everything from entertainment to climate control and security.

Smart Construction

Many of us are just getting used to the idea that our washing machines, cars and refrigerators can “talk” to us and automate processes like ordering groceries or cutting back on energy usage. But soon, your home construction will include smart integrations. These technologies let you know when something is amiss in your home, such as with pipes or wiring, before an expensive break-down or damage occurs.

Better Home Security

Smart tech has made home security available and accessible to almost everyone. Whether you live in an apartment or on a sprawling single-home property, you can keep your home secure and see what is happening throughout its spaces in real-time. Home security is evolving to include better barriers from cybercriminals, for example.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology is changing our landscape in so many ways. It has changed how we can work from home, watch TV on a multitude of devices and communicate with others. In the coming years, we expect only continued expansion of augmented reality and the powers it provides.

What are the benefits of expert-installed home automation?

Home automation devices and technologies are all around us. You can use your smartphone, tablet and other WiFi-connected handhelds with apps to control aspects of your home and appliances. You can also find an array of DIY projects and technologies available through your major hardware retailer. But the best way to automate your home with intention and organization is to engage a home automation expert.

Working with an expert gives you many benefits over trying to navigate this field of options on your own. These benefits include:

Easier Use

The experts in smart home technology know-how to map your automation in a way that provides the easiest use. Instead of an app for each device, giving you a phone full of apps to sift through, your expert can provide one app for your lighting, entertainment, security, climate and other home automation. For a DIY homeowner, achieving this would take hours upon hours of programming, causing extensive frustration.

Convenient Maintenance

If you DIY your home automation, what happens when something stops working? You may find yourself stuck in the warranty and customer service loop that no one enjoys. Worse yet, you may be stuck with installed devices that never work again. But when you engage a home automation expert, they do the work for you. Then, if something stops functioning as it should, you only make one phone call to remedy the problem. They come back to your home and provide the service you need without the headaches.

Best Technologies and Equipment

Smart homes are best designed around the owners’ wants and needs. Otherwise, you are stuck with wasted tech and the wrong equipment. Your automation tech expert customizes your home automation to suit your specific needs. If you want your lights and doorbell camera to function together, that is entirely possible. If you need the shades to close at certain temperatures as the thermostat changes, you can have that, too. Or, if you want your home theatre to provide a fully immersive experience, your pros can make it happen. Through the professionals providing service in your home, you get specifically what you want.

To learn more about home automation and what is available for your home in 2021 and beyond, contact your local home automation expert.