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Tips on Choosing the Best Energy Supplier in Ohio

Ohio is one of the select states that allows residents to choose their energy supplier, giving them freedom to pick whichever deal works best for their homes. If you happen to reside in this state and are thinking which supplier is right for you, here are tips on choosing the best energy supplier.

Check the company’s credibility.

With the different recommendations you get among people and internet searches, the first question you should ask is: is it a legitimate company?

Begin with some background research to make sure that these recommended names are credible and trustworthy. These are some of the things you should look up to determine their legitimacy.

Company Website

A company that provides for people’s needs -in this case, electricity- should have its website to showcase itself and the rates and deals.

To check if the website, as well as the company, is legitimate, you have to look for these things: the About Us section, where you can find the description of the company, the Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, binding contracts to protect the company and its clients, and the Contact Us, which provides their contact information that you could further use to communicate with them.

Method of Payment

Another way to determine an Energy Supplier’s legitimacy is a secure method of payment. It is convenient to have more than one way of paying for the offers that the clients are subscribed to.

Check for payment centers and their location, banks, and means for cashless payment such as Paypal and the like. This is to make sure there that the company does not engage in shady transactions.

Physical Address

All legitimate companies, especially for energy suppliers, have a physical address. This address can be looked up through their website, advertisements and flyers, and official documents such as receipts. You may visit these addresses to verify their location further.

Look up their offers and rates.

Another tip you could do in choosing the best energy supplier for you is to check their offers and rates. You must consider the budget you are willing to set aside for your electric bills. View electricity plans on the different energy suppliers you got your eyes on. Prices will vary, as it might depend on the used kilowatts per hour (kwh), or the promo that you are subscribed to that offers this particular kwh for a particular time frame with a fixed price.

Inquire for the rate or the price for the company. You could even ask them as to what sets their prices and offers apart from their other competitors. Inquire for additional fees you might encounter when paying, such as registration fees, cancellation fees, or reconnection fees. Also, ask if there are any starter discounts or rewards such as pay-on-time discounts.

There are additional questions you could ask, such as: Are there contracts with expiries? What happens when you expire? Is it available for renewal? What will happen if I move to another house while in the middle of the offer?

Don’t be afraid of asking for cheaper offers as long as the quality is good, because it will help your budget in the long run. Always go for what’s best for you as long as it’s within your budget.

Always read the reviews.

A way of knowing if an energy supplier is known and well-received is by looking at the reputation it has built over time. Looking at reviews is a helpful insight into how the company operates and how they cater to customer services. Most people tend to transact with suppliers with good reviews and otherwise with those with bad reviews. While reviews reflect their reputation, good reviews also mean good service in general.

You could always look up different kinds of reviews. There are reviews from their website posted by the company for good advertising or reviews posted by the clients themselves. The reviews posted by the company may be all good reviews, but they could be helpful as most of these are long comments with substance.

If you couldn’t find client-posted reviews on the site, you could look for the companies’ official social media page, which you can also see on their site. Facebook is a suitable platform to look at as it has a review section for business pages, and you can always read from there instead of spending a lot of time looking at comments on the page’s posts.

But if you’re more of a listener than a reader, you can also find videos about companies’ reviews. YouTube might have videos about people talking about energy suppliers and rating their services. Another way to look for reviews is that instead of going on the internet, you can look for people you know who are in a contract with your particular energy supplier options and ask them yourself about their performance.


A good home always needs the right amount of energy to power it. Knowing the best energy supplier for you will give you a smooth, hassle-free service in the long run. Always choose wisely.