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Getting the Best out of Men’s Fashion Accessories

We all know that accessorizing an outfit, completely changes its look, it takes your outfit to a whole new level. Accessories are those which show’s that you have taken time to make your outfit look good, it’s not that you have worn anything with least interest. We all know that a wrong piece of accessory worn without the confidence to carry it can also spoil your look completely. Gone are the days when the term “accessory” where only for our pretty ladies as now day’s men’s are also equally adapting them to mark their own style and create their impact. Accessories not only style their look but also boost their confidence a notch higher. If you are among those men who are not comfortable wearing these accessories but still want to give them a try, then this list of men’s accessories is definitely going to help you out.

1. Bracelets

If you have not been using them, then you should definitely add them to your styling range as they never go out of style. Your personal style has a great impact on your choice of bracelets. No matter if you are in formal clothes or casual clothes or something in between them there are many options available to suit your necessity. If you are more on the formal side means if your wardrobe consists more of suits and tie then better go for some luxurious metallic type. Like a silver chain or a beaded bracelet with metallic details and if you are more on comfy clothes then go for some laid back style then try a trendy leather anchor bracelet or you can also go for a beaded bracelet of any color of your choice.

The best way is to stack many thin cord bracelets or breaded one together on one wrist but doesn’t mix big metallic ones, and it’s better to keep the bracelets on anyone wrist keeps the other wrist unoccupied.

2. Watches

Watches have been worn by men from ages and yet not and will never go out of style. A watch on your wrist tells a lot about your personal lifestyle. Some men prefer keeping just one watch but a good one with good quality which they can try on almost every occasion and some likes to keep multiple numbers for more choices and variety which they can use alternately. The most common trend that we see is a simple and plain watch with minimal design and neutral colors which goes with casual wear as well as with classic suits due to its versatility. The popularity of skeleton watches are growing very much these days, and you can spot them on almost every wrist since they add a lot of value to your casual as well as formal outfits. It is always advisable to keep two watches one for casual one for daily use and other for formal and festive looks. If you really want a cool and classy thing go for a moon watch, it will surely enhance the beauty of your appearance.

3. Rings

Not all men’s are comfortable in wearing rings, many have the opinion that the ring which men wear is a wedding one but as time is changing rings are coming up as the latest trends. Some men are wearing them and encouraging others to follow it. There are many masculine rings available in the market that men’s can wear without giving a feminine look, and you can mix a match with a bracelet. There are many classy options available in the market. For rings, it is always less is more, so it is not preferred to wear a ring on every finger, wear two or three rings at a time not more than that.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are both practical and timeless, practical as it was created to save our eyes from the harmful sun rays and timeless as it is never going out of trend. They are simple statement pieces that reflect one’s personality. Many people have numerous one so that they can use them alternately according to their outfit, occasion, and mood. You should really invest in a good pair of sunglasses and never buy them in a hurry take your own time to select one which suits you best according to your face cut. You should definitely own a pair of neutral sunglasses like aviators; these glasses cover all your occasion like party, casual or anything not only this you can also experiment with colors, texture, and lenses. A well-fitted pair of glasses can help you look trendy on any occasion and outfit.

5. Belts

Belts complete your wardrobe, the classic belt that comes with a square or a slightly round buckle is a versatile one and are wearable on almost every occasion, they can easily be picked from any store, you should definitely possess a lack and a classic brown belt no matter what. You can also go for a textured belt or a raided one the main advantage of these belts is that you can carry them with any piece of outfit you want casual or formal. The main thing that should be kept in mind before you get a belt is that the size of the buckle should not be oversized as it greatly reflects your personality and you should go for the right length of the belt which really make your pants or jeans look decent.

6. Bags

Your bag sends a clear message to where you belong to. There are many options available in the market whether formal or casual. If you work in an office then there is no longer need of carrying a heavy suitcase for all your necessities as per the trend there are many classy side slings available in the market that makes you look super stylish, they come in all sizes, and you can pick them according to your requirement and there are black and brown color available for you to rock your style. There are many options for casual look also you can style your look with easily.

7. Wallets

Men prefer the wallets made by Italian leather. Brown and black are timeless, but navy and Merlot are also worth trying for. Wallets act as an everyday accessory, a good quality leather wallet suits your style and last longer. You can opt for many options and keep them changing according to your occasion and outfit, investing in a good genuine leather wallet can save your money as you won’t need to replace it as often.

8. Footwear

Ladies were the only one who used the advantage to flaunt different styles in footwear, but now there are also many options available for men also to wear them on a different occasion. There are classic to formals to casuals to laid back everything you want in your footwear that enhances your outfit very well. Men now days are and should not be afraid to experiment with colors when it comes to footwear. Although black and brown are timeless but having different colors with a variety of footwear is always welcomed. The black and brown classic is for your office use whereas loafers, sandals solve your purpose for a casual outfit.

9. Hats and caps

Not everyone can pull off hat or caps well so if you and so if you are going out of your comfort zone and trying them for the first time then you will e amazed y the response you get. Hats tend to e more of a statement than an accessory. Hats and caps are a great way to boost up your style statement from 0 to 100. It is important to wear a proper fitting cap nothing can e worse than a loose fitting cap or a top tight flat cup.

10. Scarves

If you want to stand out from the crowd and mark your presence there, then you can surely go for scarves. You can style them in different ways according to the occasion and outfit. Whether it’s your formal look or a casual one you can carry scarves with as much ease you want, though not much in trend now it will be trending soon in coming years. Suits all your outfit from casual to formal whatever n whenever you want to style it.

Whatever your accessory is the most important thing is to keep in mind that they are a part of your outfit don’t wear them just to wear them, style them and rock your look. Less is more is the keyword when it comes to men’s accessory.