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Crypto Exchange Platforms with Calculator

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges started to appear on the market, replacing centralized exchanges, which have very significant drawbacks. Even though CEXes are mostly simple and easy to use, centralization is the source of their imperfections.

However, convenience is not the only thing to pay attention to. Any investor appreciates the safety of funds. Neither the arrest of the creator of the exchange nor a hacker attack should affect them. The exchange should be indestructible in every sense, the actions of regulators and special services should not affect them.

Moreover, one wants the price of exchange to be clear from the very moment of initiating the transaction. Thus, an in-built LTC to BTC calculator can be quite a demanded feature. Below, we prepared for you is a list of five exchanges with calculators that might suit cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A decentralized exchange is not only an interesting technology but also a quickly developing financial market.


This decentralized exchange guarantees freedom and a fair solution to all users’ tasks. The platform has the latest technical developments based on Ethereum, and such payment systems as Raiden, 0x, Swap, ERC20. Besides, they are regularly upgraded to overcome the complexities faced by the current model of centralized exchanges.

Waves DEX

Waves is an international blockchain providing innovative solutions for businesses, organizations, and investors. Traditional cryptocurrency exchanges and early decentralized exchanges are different. Users of  Waves DEX can trade any pair of tokens without carrying a transaction through an intermediate currency.

The creators claim the exchange will compete with existing platforms’ speed and security. The system bases on Matcher technology. It means that orders are coordinated in real-time, usually in a matter of seconds. This is a great advantage of the exchange. Participants don’t need to wait for the next block to find out whether the transaction was completed or not.


A peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange was launched in 2016. It made it possible to trade BTC and LTC in exchange for fiat currencies. No permissions or intermediaries take part to carry out transactions. Everything happens without third parties. Arbiter is the only one involved in the transaction process between users.

The downside of the system is its low speed. The confirmation of the transaction takes 60 minutes, the exchange of fiat funds – up to several days.


The project covers many financial instruments and contracts. They are difficult to understand if you don’t know the narrow specifics of this area. There is a public encryption key, a distributed user base, and protection of the right to freedom of speech.

Finally, another important and interesting feature of Bitshares – this crypto exchange offers to trade in assets that provide centralized gateways. Trades are based on asset pairs and differ from the usual mechanics of centralized exchanges.


The decentralized platform has many advantages over its competitors:

  • Work speed. The platform has excellent optimization and works well on different devices. It responses in a matter of seconds.
  • Reliability and safety. It’s almost impossible to hack the Godex platform, so users don’t have to worry about the safety of their funds.
  • Confidentiality. To exchange one cryptocurrency for another on the service, you don’t need to enter your personal data or even register.
  • The best conditions on the market. The Godex cryptocurrency calculator analyzes the rate of the selected cryptocurrency pair on different platforms. It gives users the most profitable option.
  • Simplicity and functionality. The calculator has all the necessary functions, its interface is clear, so Godex is good for beginners as well.


Recently, decentralized exchanges began to occupy the market crowding out centralized ones. And it looks like this trend is just starting to gain momentum. If you want to exchange digital coins quickly, anonymously and at the best rates, such kinds of platforms are exactly what you need.