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How Long Do Vacuums Last? 4 Signs Yours May Need Replaced

Did you know that the total market value of vacuum cleaners was estimated at roughly $9 billion in 2018 alone? This number is expected to increase as more and more people need powerful vacuums to keep their properties clean.

But if you buy a brand new one, have you ever wondered how long do vacuums last? And if your vacuum does show signs of damage, should you consider repairing vacuum cleaners or just buying a brand new one? Keep reading to find out how long vacuum cleaners last and when it’s time to buy a new one.

Your Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Pick up Dirt Efficiently

In other words, the vacuum doesn’t suck as it should. This problem might be caused by various factors. For example, the dirtbag might be full and your vacuum is unable to absorb more dirt. The filter of the vacuum cleaner might also be clogged and it prevents an efficient sucking process. Make sure that you check these things out and see if they fix your problem.

If the vacuum cleaner still doesn’t absorb dirt properly, maybe the unit is severely damaged. Vacuum cleaners should last about 8 years on average, but if yours isn’t efficient at picking up dirt, maybe it’s time to simply replace it. Here is a list of the best vacuums under $200 that might inspire you.

Your Vacuum Cleaner Makes Strange Noises

Depending on how powerful the vacuum is, your unit should make a loud noise when operating. However, if the vacuum makes strange noises then that’s a problem. Examples of such weird noises include hissing, loud bangs or something similar. If your vacuum cleaner makes such sounds, inspect it properly. If you cannot seem to find the issue and it still creates weird noises, maybe you should simply replace it with a better one.

Your Vacuum Cleaner Smells Like It’s Burning

This is an important sign that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s normal for a vacuum cleaner to get hot while running, especially if you use it for more than 30 minutes at a time. However, if you sense a burning smell then turn off your vacuum cleaner immediately. The motor might have overheated and that’s what causes the burning smell. Inspect your vacuum cleaner and if the problem persists, just get another one.

You Cannot Handle It Easily

Today’s vacuum cleaners have been designed to be really easy to use. The handle can twist in various directions and the attachments can be easily taken off. However, if your vacuum cleaner seems stuck, this is a sign of deterioration or damage. If you cannot move it easily and you start to sweat a few minutes after using it, go for a more ergonomic vacuum cleaner. There’s no point in struggling with a defective unit when you can get a better vacuum cleaner that handles like a breeze.

Now You Know How Long Do Vacuums Last

Hopefully, this article offered you a helpful answer to an important question – how long do vacuums last? Now you know what to do if your unit shows visible signs of damage and deterioration. It’s advised to get the best vacuum cleaner you can find for a reasonable price and not to cheap out, as a good vacuum cleaner will be worth the cost in the long run.

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